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The Proper Preservation Of The Business Data


Your data is critical to your business, so it is very important that you control them. You can choose what data your business shares with Google based on the products and features you use.You choose the products and functions that fit your business goals and your data preferences

To help you choose the right products for your business, we’ve grouped them together using the data you share and the level of control over your data. In some products, you can turn on or off additional data usage features to get more valuable insights and better solutions for your business.If your business uses multiple products, you may be able to connect and share data between them. In this case, the most widespread usage guidelines applicable to the related products will be met for your data.

  • Sensitive commercial data that your business shares to optimize your marketing (such as cookies and conversion data) is handled within strict guidelines for use.

When publishing comparative analyzes, cohort reports, or product statistics, they are based on publicly available or aggregated data – that is, your business is not identified unless you give us permission.

Isolate your data

  • Ability to share information to get new statistics
  • Using Google data, share less information on your part
  • Products designed to ensure that the data you share with Google is isolated from other products and information from other businesses unless you select another
  • Products that allow you to share your data – if you wish – to provide additional aggregated information to get new statistics and improve performance
  • Products designed to use Google’s aggregated data and algorithms and limit information sharing on your part

In the current market situation, companies need more and more to stand out. Understanding how customers and the market themselves are important if companies are programmed to better serve them in order to achieve competitive advantages over their competitors. The purpose of this study was to present how Data (a large set of stored data) can help retailers better understand the specific buying habits and behaviors of their customers, and how this can help them become more efficient internal processes that can improve them. From Abakion.com you will have the best support now.


In addition, he presented a theoretical model for the implementation of data. This study is progressing in accordance with the position.”

Data creates value for the company to discover patterns and relationships between data that were lost not only on internal data searches, but also on their own Internet, tweets, Facebook comments and even YouTube videos. “It was concluded that the processing and analysis of much of their data, if well implemented, provides for the improvement of various processes in companies, such as marketing, logistics, decision-making and others. Remember that a company needs to conduct a feasibility study to use this technology in order to know if your company has the minimum structures necessary to implement tools that can read and analyze this large amount of data.