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The Role Of Digital Elements In Running A Modern Political Campaign


Even in a world where everything seems to be increasingly virtual and digitally distant, the importance of solid political issues being the absolute cornerstone of any and every political campaign can’t be overstated. Understanding where a politician stands on issues that will affect you and your community is essential because no matter how much time we spend on our phones and tablets, we ultimately live and breathe in the real world.

Most politicians have accepted the fact that they can no longer ignore the power of the Millennial vote and the ever-growing Generation Z vote, which is coming into voting age at an almost massive rate. Both of these generations often shy away from traditional media and look to digital platforms to gather information. Rather than reading a two-page news article or watching a two-hour debate, these generations prefer to catch snippets in real time on digital platforms or gather highlights about candidates and events through social media the following day.

Tech-savvy politicians and their campaign teams are truly embracing the power of both digital marketing services as well as native content to get their messages across. For example, while many people (no matter the age range) simply do not have the time to sit down to a lengthy debate or an hour-long speech, they are still interested in the issues.

Candidates for political office are looking to digitize their speeches, debates, and other speaking engagements, as well as those of their allies and opponents. A key element is the utilization of transcription services available on-demand. These services take audio recordings and convert them into a word document format. This allows staff and opposition researchers to more easily sift through hours of speech to improve campaign messaging and potentially uncover discrediting information.

In addition to the full digitization of spoken word on issues, candidates and their teams are realizing the importance of elements such as social media, blogging and other digital mediums. They often bring in a sub-team of candidates that work with digital marketing services specializing in video advertising, content creation, and other elements of the multi-channel marketing approach. This helps candidates that sync well with the digital world to get a leg up on those who don’t.

Politicians are also increasingly understanding the importance of cybersecurity. With the slightest leak of an e-mail or hack into a phone becoming detrimental to a political campaign, politicians are beefing up cybersecurity to the max. The level of cybersecurity for political campaigns can truly make or break the success of that individual politician. As we enter another campaign season, campaign managers and candidates alike are focusing on the importance of strong cybersecurity in an effort to protect themselves from becoming embarrassed or compromised.

Overall, in a world that grows increasingly more digital-centric every day, it is a comfort to see that politicians are finally embracing the power of digital services, digital media, and the essential element of cybersecurity. It will be campaigns that embrace this new digital age that are given the power to pull ahead and gain the power to be heard.