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The Tech Trends Shaping Event Marketing


Exhibiting at a trade event is a costly marketing method to many small businesses, and takes a large sum out of an already limited marketing budget.

But the old days of sitting behind a table with a few ill designed roller banners, selling your heart out to potential customers, have been and gone, as thanks to updated customer insights and new technologies, the tech trends of 2015 are enabling businesses to gain maximum exposure and establish a more authentic relationships with both existing customers and potential leads.

Movie Moments

Trade shows can really put your marketing efforts to the test, especially as they’re so crowded and congested with your own competitors all vying for the same return. But put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a moment, how do you think they feel about your stand?

Exhausted from having to trail up and down the aisles all day? Bored of being sold to over and over again? Well don’t let your business become another voice in the noise.

Your event marketing should start before you even get to the arena, and should be making it feel like a special occasion for your customers.

Themed campaigns are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the digitalised of advertorials and videoing sharing platforms such as Youtube and Instagram. It gives your business the chance to premier your brand at the event giving you a show stopping introduction.

A current example would be the American brand Agilsys who gave their stand the Hollywood sparkle, with movie styled posters to promote their attendance at the event, to a booth on the stand that featured a red carpet. It was so flawless from start to finish that customers and potential leads felt like they were attending a movie premier. It certainly took a lot of effort but they were the talk of the show!


Event Marketing-gamification

Events can be a tiresome task but if you can entertain potential leads and existing customers, you’re more likely to stand out from your competitors and be viewed as a far more personable brand.

Gamification is becoming a hot trend at events, as instilling any kind of play on your stand will encourage visitors to stay for more than a pitch and a goody bag.

Game booths and interactive online games can all be set-up easily, and once your team start to get involved with customers in a more approachable way, it will open up the opportunity for them to talk more about their needs and requirements.

Goodie Gadgets

Goody bags can essentially make or break that lasting impression, as a recent study demonstrated that those in their 20’s and 30’s care more about experience than possessions, so the need to engage your audience with a clever product has to be effective.

Once your customer or potential lead has left your stand, they need to feel as though they’ve not only gained the information they need, but their feelings towards your business are positive.

Just filling a goody bag full of promotional print-outs is a sure way to get an eye roll, and for it to end up in the bin. Add all brochures and offers onto a branded business card inspired USB stick, and instead of spending the money on costly printing fees, spend it on a product that’s going to put a smile on their faces.