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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Get PMP Certified


No matter how many projects you’ve handled, if you don’t have the educational and experiential qualifications to show for it, it can be quite hard to survive today’s cut-throat job market.

Even if your talents speak for themselves on the ground, recruiters will go through your profile and mark it down in favour of someone with a better-looking CV. This also lowers your chances of getting a good appraisal from your current employer.

However, if you just get PMP certification, a whole new world of possibilities you didn’t even know existed opens up. Here are a few benefits of getting PMP certified.


1. More Earnings

According to the eighth edition of the PMI Project Management Salary Survey, PMP-certified project managers earn close to 17% more than their uncertified counterparts. Even the results of a recent PwC survey clearly show the benefits of enrolling in a PMP certification course; over 80% of high-performing projects are run by PMP-certified managers.

Essentially, wherever you go, you’ll get the best projects and the best salary once you get PMP-certified.

2. Better Performance

Ask any PMP-certified manager, and they’ll tell you how much the certification changed the way they work.

Even if you’re a high performing manager already, acquiring a PMP certification equips you with the knowledge and the skills to tackle problems you previously had a tough time with. It’ll also give you the confidence to easily handle difficult situations you’ve never faced before.


3. Job Security

Even when there is an economic downturn, PMP-certified managers rarely feel its negative effects. Most top level executives agree that a PMP certification is enough to validate a candidate’s core competencies, and make them valuable to any organisation even during a recession.

4. Global Acknowledgement

PMP certification is a globally recognised asset that can boost your chances of getting employed, wherever you are in the world.

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Clients of most top-100 companies demand that their projects are handled by PMP-certified project managers alone. This gives you a lot of leverage when it comes to landing projects with established organisations working for high-profile clients.

5. Personal Networking

When you get to work with high-profile clients, you get a chance to showcase your unique talents and experience. Not only does this give you a chance to get acquainted with big names in the business, it also gives you a better chance of working for these organisations, should you opt to change jobs sometime in the future.

These are just some of the advantages of getting PMP-certified. Sign up for a PMP certification course now, and open up new windows of opportunities wherever you go!