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The Trucking Industry: How To Start A Business


When a truck is seen passing by, the automatic response is to think about Amazon boxes being delivered from state to state. Trucks are the best way to transport a huge quantity of things in one driving. With its great capacity and the fact that it can still maneuver most of the streets, trucking contributes greatly to the timely delivery of our packages.

Benefits Of The Trucking Industry

Trucking is one of the most important industries in the United States. It affects the shipping speed of products needed in a lot of industries. Shipping is not only about products that come from online retailer sites. The need for trucking has been relevant for manufacturing businesses even before the online market boomed. Trucking handles supplies for medical facilities, mail, package delivery, barrels of oil, raw materials, food, and a lot more.

The trucking industry is important for making the speed of deliveries faster all around the country. With a proper logistics system, packages arrive in as early a day after the purchase. This affects the overall experience of shopping online, and it is good because online shopping has a lot of benefits like a wide variety of products being offered.

When trucking services stop even just for a day, these industries will be paralyzed. This will result in a domino effect that will range from a manufacturer not receiving his raw materials to hospitals having a shortage of medical supplies. Although a solution will come up in the long run, it would be costlier than trucking because of the limited transportation options that exist today.

Three Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Trucking Company

1. The demand for trucking services already exists

Even before online retail shops started to become a thing, trucking services have been a thriving industry. The only difference is that the scale of operations is wider and the volume of the packages being shipped is bigger than before. The demand for trucking services is already existing widely around the country and has been for some time.

2. Variety of services and sectors

Trucking businesses can focus on handling retail items or specialized items, such as biospecimens. This will all depend on risk appetite. If the owner wants to take a safer approach in trucking, then retail items are standard.

3. Profit is good as long as you know the management rules

Trucking is a good source of income if managed properly. There are a lot of factors to consider before commencing operation. Things like fuel costs and traffic are among these factors. Experienced drivers are also needed when it comes to trucking. A good driver will ensure that his or her deliveries will arrive at the location safely and without causing accidents. A trucker will want to know about trucking authority. Trucking authority, also known as operating authority, means the FMCSA will allow you to transport freight as a motor carrier.You might want to find a freight broker who can help with providing permitting, compliance and fuel tax reporting services.

One of the most common mistakes in starting a trucking business is taking the cash flow management lightly. A lot of your day-to-day transactions will include using cash (for fuel, truck repair, and maintenance, etc.). More problems will arise during the first weeks of operation.

Challenges in Starting Your Trucking Company

1. Buying or leasing truck

The first challenge you encounter is the decision of whether you should buy or lease a truck. A truck is a costly asset to acquire. If you have the capital it takes to buy one unit and you are sure that you can make this business grow, then feel free to buy a truck. However, if you’re just testing the waters, leasing is more practical.

2. Extra costs, such as maintenance and repair of trucks

Truck insurance, maintenance, and repairs would have to take priority because your business will depend on the truck’s state. Delays or accidents are possible on the road. You wouldn’t want that delay to be your fault.

3. Attracting experienced and responsible drivers

More than the truck itself, the ability of the driver to travel with huge loads is more important. Before you start your trucking service, make sure that you already have driver candidates. When hiring a driver, it is important to know more of his or her road records to gauge the possibility of an accident and damage.

4. Deciding the scope of the area to operate

Will you be operating in multiple states or will you be operating in one or two only? The farther and wider your operation will be, the costlier it would be to deliver packages. The area is an important factor of costs.  If you’re just testing the water, make sure to research your area of operation.

If you decide to make trucking a career, just make sure to get the answers to all your questions. There is money to be made and you might as well make it. It might be time to hit the road. Good luck in your new business!