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The Ultimate Guide To Transferring Your Whatsapp Data


Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app these days. And with switching their smartphones they are always looking for ways through which they can transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. This is why we are here to help you by providing you the best solutions when it comes to WhatsApp transfer.

Keeping your requirements in mind here we are with the best solutions and tips that you can follow in order to transfer Whatsapp messages. 

Backup On Google Drive Or Manual Backup Of Chats

These are the most common ways through which most people create an online backup of their Whatsapp messages. This is really typical for Android users as they can save this backup on their drive but when it comes to iPhones this is not possible. Manual backup is another popular way through which android users save their messages and transfer their data online with the help of Google drive. 

Backup using Email Or Transfer Software

Another effective way of creating a backup of your chats and transfer them to another is with the help of email or with the use of third-party transfer software. You can create your chat backup on your email and then use that to restore your chats on your new device. 

Similarly, you can use third-party software to transfer your WhatsApp data although there are several limitations to using this software which is why it can be really difficult and messy for you to use the software and transfer your data safely. 

With all these limitations there are millions of people around the globe that are looking for a better solution to this problem. This is where you will find Dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer the best tools with some of the most powerful and convenient options making it perfect for both Android and iOS users. With over 50 million customers this a perfect and the most efficient way through which you can transfer your messages from one phone to another irrespective of their operating systems 

Dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer

Dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer is a versatile and efficient tool that you can use to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to android or to transfer WhatsApp from ios to android. No matter what device you switch to with the help of Dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer you can easily switch to a new device and transfer all of your data with just a simple click. 

Backup And Restoration with Dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer

With the help of this amazing software, you can easily create your chat backups on your PC and use those backups to restore your messages on any device. Moreover, you also get the option to preview the items and restore the items selectively. Once you are done with the restoration process you can delete that backup files from your device as well. 

Another impressive feature of this amazing tool is its compatibility with different messaging apps including LINE, KiK, Wechat, and Viber making this a perfect choice for all mobile users. Just like WhatsApp, you get a complete backup of all these messaging apps including messages and media files. 

Tech Specifications

In order to install Dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer on your PC you need a CPU with 1 GHz of processing powers and a RAM of 256 MB or more. The software is supported by almost all the versions of Windows and Mac making it quite useful and efficient as well. 

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How To Transfer Whatsapp To New Phone?

What makes Dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer a necessary tool is a fact that it allows you to transfer your Whatsapp messages to multiple devices or to a new device that includes all of your messages, chat history, and all the media attachments. This allows you to share or create multiple backups of your Whatsapp messages effortlessly.

In order to transfer your Whatsapp data to a new device you just have to follow a few simple steps that will allow you to transfer your Whatsapp messages effortlessly. 

1. Installation Of Dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer

You can start the process by installing Dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer on your Windows or Mac device. Thereafter, you can connect your mobile with your PC and initiate the transfer process. For that, you can choose WhatsApp transfer on your screen and proceed with Transfer Whatsapp messages.

2. Transfer Of Your Whatsapp Data

As the software detects your device you will see the following screen and thereby follow the simple steps that are mentioned on the screen. 

3. Finish The Transfer

In the final step, you can start with the transfer and share all the messages from your old device to your new device. In just a few minutes you can easily transfer all your data to your new device. 

By following these simple steps you can easily transfer all your data to a new device in a single click. Moreover, you get a completely safe software that you can trust and is supported by all popular devices. 


With Dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer you get a powerful and efficient tool that you can use in order to create backup copies of your messages and media and transfer that data to your new device with the click of a button. 

This amazing software is supported by all the popular operating systems including Windows and Mac allowing its users to share and store their messages effortlessly.