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The Water Cooler And Office Chat


Conversations in the workplace are very important because they help people bond in the office, but they are often missed because there is no place to chat. It’s great to have a place at work to talk with co-workers. We can hear all their strange stories and get to know these people better.

Office Gossip

Office gossip and romances often happen around the water cooler, and you must ensure that you have heard what is going on in your office. You need to catch up on what is happening around your company, and you must speak to people who may give you a heads-up on a new job that just opened. You may learn if the boss is out of the office. You may find that the office gossip details how you are all doing on a new assignment, where you are traveling next, or if your name is in for a new promotion. Office gossip tells you if the company is in trouble, and you are given tips on working on a project that someone else has done before.

Standard Fare

Standing around and talking can lead to conversations that range from talking about how someone’s kid just got a Nintendo 3DS, the sports headlines, the weather, and what is going on in the office. Men often start interesting conversations on sports in these places, and it is the water cooler that effectively began the sports talk radio culture we live in today. You must ensure that you are making it to the water cooler so that you can tell everyone that your favorite team needs to trade their best player because you are still mad he had one bad game. You can banter about how you do not understand your kids, and you might hear all the office gossip.

Letting Off Steam

You have probably met angry people in the office before, and they may vent their anger at the water cooler. The water cooler is a place where you may vent for just a moment, but you may release all the anger that you were holding onto before you went to get a drink. Venting is a primal experience, and you must ensure that you have a way of releasing your emotions around people that you trust. Someone who does not have a place to vent often vents to the wrong person before getting fired.

Planning For Social Mingling

You may plan for social mingling at the water cooler because the water cooler ensures that you may speak to the people in the office about where they are going to dinner, parties they will attend, and people they want to meet. You may meet a romantic interest at the water cooler, and you may learn about everyone having drinks after work. Ensure that you get up there a couple times a day with other people to have a nice talk with everyone.

What Happens If You Do Not Chat?

You will lose your sense of purpose at work if you have no one to talk to. Working with nice people makes it much easier for you to enjoy your work. You cannot have fun in the office if you do not know people in the office, and you will feel that same social rejection you felt in school. Find someone in the office who thinks like you, and ask the people around you if they have similar interests.

Water Is Good For You

The punchline in all of this is that water is good for you. Aramark water coolers for offices will help make you much more effective at work if you are hydrated, and you will feel like a better person if you are healthy. You may lose weight if you are drinking more water during the day, and you may find that the water is something that changes how you approach your health. You may ask someone in the office how to diet, and the water cooler will be the beginning of your changing lifestyle.

Consider the water cooler when it is time to have a chat with friends in the office. Ensure that you make it to the water cooler for pointless sports conversation, office gossip, potential romance, and a healthy drink of water you need to get through the day.