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Time To Talk About Communication


Effective and reliable internal communication is essential for any business, and can sometimes mean the difference between continued success and bankruptcy! I’m pretty sure which one of these you’d like to assure for your business’s future. If you want to lead you company towards greater success, you need to ensure that your communication strategy is one that’s going to help you along. Here are some pointers for greater communication within your business.

Lead by Example

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New, inexperienced entrepreneurs may not have clear, effective communication as part of their skillset. This can be the lynchpin in the arsenal of many great leaders, so make sure you’re going out of your way to develop your own communication skills, and setting an example which your staff can follow. Ask any entrepreneur who’s been in business for some time, and they’ll tell you that being the first person to comment, give feedback and answer questions is a great way to encourage better communication between all of your employees. If the boss is doing it, then there’s probably something to it, right? Be a great communicator, and set the standard for everyone else at the business.

Keep the Company Vision at the Forefront

Obviously, you want your employees to focus a lot of their energy on the goals and overarching vision that you’ve set for the business. However, do you know what this vision really is? If you want your employees to be able to communicate well and work effectively with each other, they need to be given an idea of where the business is ultimately headed. Go out of your way a little more to outline your manifesto and best practices, and you’ll see a great improvement in everyone’s work.

Leverage Tools

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While good business communication is largely down to the company culture, there are also various tech tools which can be leveraged to make communication more fluent and reliable at your business. Online project management tools can be a big help in this area, allowing several people to look at different facets of a project and see how much is left to be done. You can also sign everyone up to a system for notifying employees in the event of abrupt changes to the working day. These are just a couple of the great communication tools on the market, so get looking!

Trim Meetings and Emails

Meetings, held regularly, can certainly be helpful. However, there are various communication tools which will allow you to get those important updates across, without having to interrupt someone’s workflow nearly as much. By the same token, emails can be handy for giving memos, but are swiftly becoming clunky and outdated compared to the wide range of other tools we can use these days. By gradually phasing things like this out of your business, and replacing them with something more streamlined and collaborative, you’ll ensure that you can keep everyone updated without disrupting their workflow too much. While you may not have as much face-to-face conversation, you’ll certainly up productivity!