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Top 5 Advantages of Using Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is the most popular digital payment alternative to the traditional modes of payment. One of the leading digital cryptocurrency is bitcoin. 

Cryptocurrencies are the modern mode of payment where the user does not need to visit a bank for saving money or transfer it on any other account. 

Online digital ledgers powered by blockchain technology keep a record of every transaction done by the currency holders. Moreover, instruments like Bitcoin CFD lets you benefit from both the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency. 

Being an innovative and widely used mode of payment online, let’s discuss the top benefits of bitcoins. 

Here are the top five advantages of using cryptocurrency:

1- Privacy of Your Financial History

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins safeguard the privacy of your financial history. 

Unlike the traditional banking system where all your transactions are recorded by the bank and might come under the risk of identity theft, crypto transactions offer a unique exchange between two parties with no transactional history. 

2- Eliminate Third Party Approvals

Crypto is one of the safest ways to carry a business deal online. It eliminates the need to involve third parties like lawyers or notaries to carry out a deal online. 

For example, in the case of a real estate deal, you have to deal with third-parties and hence the charges involved are higher. 

Bitcoins eliminates this approval of third parties and allows you to carry smooth transactions between the buyer and the seller. 

3- Instant Payments

The need to approach the bank for every transaction is eliminated, hence all the payments are reflected in your account instantly. 

The payments are fast and are initiated upon your approval. 

Besides, your account stays your own without any interference from third-parties who can’t freeze your account for whatever reasons. 

4- No Added Fees For International Transactions

Normally when you carry out an internal transaction, you need to shed some extra money to pay to international money exchanges as fees

The need to pay additional fees is eliminated when you carry bitcoins transactions. 

5- You Can Do Unlimited Transactions

With bitcoins, there is no limit on transactions that you can do. 

You can make transactions several times in a day without any additional fees. Moreover, there is no minimum or maximum transaction value. 

Since, there is authority of banks regulating your transactions, you are free to transfer any amount, several times in a day easily and securely.


The most popular alternative to cash and credit cards is the cryptocurrency. There are several companies who have started to accept payments in the form of bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrencies. The ease of doing transactions and the confidentiality of payments is making bitcoins one of the most trusted modes of online payments.