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Top 6 Benefits Of Certified Scrum Product Owner Training


A Scrum framework comprises three roles, the Scrum master, product owner, and the development team. Of the three, the role of the product owner is the most challenging – it involves decision-making, setting timelines for project completion, and more. The skills associated with this role include availability, communication skills, and being business savvy.

If you are as interested in the business aspect of the product development cycle, as much as the product development itself, the Certified Scrum Product Owner Training is definitely for you. The training will help you collaborate with Certified Scrum Trainers to better understand the role of a product owner.

The Benefits of CSPO

Taking the CSPO training can help you learn the Scrum practices, principles, and technology to accomplish the product owner role in your Scrum group. Here’s how you can benefit from a CSPO Certification.

Correctly apply velocity ranges

Velocity range is the primary criteria for planning and organizing a Scrum project within a fixed timeline. Making accurate estimations and developing systems for product delivery fall under the scope of a product owner. The Scrum training is practice-based, which will help you understand how to determine velocity ranges and estimate product completion timelines.

Prioritizing product backlog

The basic responsibility of a product owner is to understand product backlogs and define to-do lists to prioritize the backlog. The product owner needs to analyze the crux of the backlog to help developers work in line with the project goals. The role of the product owner also includes staying up-to-date with customer updates and informing the development team about product priorities. With adequate training, the product owner will get an idea of how to transform themes into actionable user stories.

Understanding team requirements

Product development is team-work, and while the product owner deals more with the business side of the project, collaborating with the development is a crucial part of successful project delivery. For instance, the product owner cannot push backlogs on the developers, which is why they need to know the team deliverables. The Scrum product owner should be able to point the team towards successful deliverables. But, the needs of the team are as important as the customer requirements, and a practice-based training can teach you how to manage the two efficiently.

Work with Agile practitioners

Along with managing the team deadlines, a product owner also has a client-facing role, which means understanding the customer’s requirements. By taking the training, you as a product owner will have the ability to understand the requirements of Agile practitioners and accurately meet those requirements. 

Developing project charter

Project chartering is essential for team motivation, and it’s the product owner’s job to develop this project charter. The product owner will be in constant contact with the customer and will update the developers about any project backlogs. Project charting can be effectively managed with burnout chart, and mastery of this chart is essential for team succession.

Advance your career

A Scrum product owner is not just in-demand in India, there is also a demand for the job in other countries. Each level of experience as a CSPO can increase your salary substantially. According to Payscale estimates, the average salary for a CSPO is Rs. 20,58,000/- in Bangalore. 

Is the certification worth it?

More and more companies are on the lookout for Scrum product owners because they realize how crucial this role is. If you already have deep experience with Scrum and are looking to go to the next level, taking the training can help you understand the roles and responsibilities of a product owner and how you can apply it. This certification is recognized globally, and with the rising demand for Scrum product owners, taking the training can help you advance your career.

Who is the training for?

While anyone with a knowledge of Scrum can attend the training, it is especially beneficial for the following individuals:

Software developers

Project managers

Software development – Architect/Manager

Software testers

Team leads interested in Scrum training

You can even take an Agile and Scrum training before taking this course to get a deeper knowledge of Scrum practices. 

There’s always more to learn

Even if you don’t have an extensive Scrum knowledge, you can still take the training.Having a basic knowledge of Scrum is the only prerequisite for taking the Certified Scrum Product Owner training. Once you get the certification, you can even engage with an online community of Scrum product owners to expand your knowledge.