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Top 7 Youtube Technology Channels To Subscribe


Being updated with the latest technology updates whether it is a computer, gadgets, or more advanced innovation is not easy. Luckily, there are now myriads of Youtube channels that help everyone get knowledge on the current technology updates. These channels, on the other hand, offer reviews, news, and well as a comprehensive look at what is shaping the forthcoming. What’s more, they have millions of real Youtube views. Nonetheless, listed below are some of the top Youtube channels that talk about technology. 


CNET is actually a website that has its own channel on Youtube. In this channel, all types of reviews regarding techie items are concealed. 

But aside from that, you will also have the chance to watch exclusive interviews as well as tutorials from experts. 

2. The Verge 

Similar to CNET, the Verge is also a website that has its own YouTube channel. In the actual fact, The Verge releases stories and news on time regarding social media networks, apps, gadgets, and other facts about the latest technology.

3. Austin Evans 

If you are interested in gaming PC builds, then you need to visit and subscribe to the Youtube technology channel of Austin Evans. 

In this channel, you will be able to find almost everything most especially when it comes high-end and budget-friendly gaming PC builds. 

4. UnboxTherapy

With over 14 million subscribers, Unbox Therapy is known as one of the most popular Youtube channels these days. Here, you will be able to watch HD videos and hear thoughts about tablets, smartphones, PC components, as well as peripherals such as gaming consoles and keyboard. And as the name implies you can also find videos that are related to unpacking or unboxing gadgets or electronics. 

5. Google Tech Talks 

This list will not be completed without mentioning Google Tech Talks. Google, on the other hand, launched this channel to keep people updated about the latest technology updates. In this channel, you will also find a wide range of content with groups and individuals talking about diverse subjects that are technology related. 

6. TechnoBuffalo

TechnoBuffalo is a straightforward YouTube channel. Here you will discover reviews, news, and even rants. In addition to that, TechnoBuffalo covers almost everything from software, games, phones, and computers to cars. 

7. Newegg TV

In point of fact, Newegg is a large store in the United States that sells individual computer parts as well as fully built tablets, computers, and laptop. 

On their channel on Youtube which is Newegg TV, they review all the products that are readily accessible on the website. That is why, if you are looking forward to buying components for personal PC builds, then watch some of their reviews so that you will have an idea whether the parts suit your needs or not.

Final Thoughts:

Factually, there are hundreds of Youtube technology channels where you can choose from. Either way, if you’re interested in learning and keep updated about the latest technology information make sure to subscribe to the channels we have mentioned above.