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Trends In Gaming Technology That Are Pushing The Envelope 


It would not be an understatement to say that the gaming industry is large. It is one of the largest industries in the world, with the biggest economies and technologically most advanced countries all looking to participate in it. Everybody is trying to be build something unique, something that would change how people would perceive the gaming world and maybe change the way people think about life in general. To do so, and to differentiate themselves, there are many companies that are building quite a library of some of the most technologically interesting games available right now. These games, whether intentionally or accidentally, are pushing the envelope and bringing the world into the age of new technology, where at some point, we will no longer be able to look at games and see the same simple piece of entertainment that we used to be able to see and still see now. 

Blockchain-based systems

One of the most impressive pieces of technology to come into the modern world has been blockchain, and the moment it became available to the wide public, many industries started looking into using it for their own purposes. One of these industries is the gaming industry, which started using blockchain systems not only as a way to facilitate financial transactions but also a basis upon which they can build certain games. This is why the internet and the gaming world, in general, is currently seeing a surge of games that are based on blockchain systems. Some of the most popular of these games are online casino bonuses based games, which allow users to either spin or play based on the security and randomness of blockchain-based systems. At the moment, these games are not the most advanced and not fully functional or trustworthy, but they are definitely some of the more interesting solutions for gaming. 

There are still more games that are basing their economies on blockchain systems, which record transactions and keep a permanent record of all things that occur in the game. This allows for an interesting outcome within the economies of the games, and also results in an interesting experiment that showcases how blockchain might be used in the real world. 

Random generation algorithms

One trend of the past two years has been the creation of games that allow their worlds to be randomly generated with the use of random generation algorithms. This has been an interesting experiment that has allowed the world to see two things. The first thing is that the projects that are based on this system can be quite promising and often successful, as long as there are not that many variables involved in the random generation of a single world. On the other hand, these projects have also showcased the drawbacks of randomly generated worlds that are massive and have a large number of variables involved in them. Strange, funny and very disturbing combinations might even result in game-breaking bugs. Whatever it is, the RNG algorithms used for the games have allowed the creation of some relatively more advanced rng systems that are helping the world of technology be better at random number generation today. 

Cutting edge graphics

One of the biggest challenges that many companies have been facing has been the creation of graphics for games that would be almost photo-realistic. While this might have been an issue almost two or three years ago, today, there are more and more games that allow for this kind of graphics. The incredible level of detail that these games have been able to input into their games has been unprecedented in the past of the gaming world or even in the world of CGI in film. This has allowed the technology to come further and achieve the recent marvels that have been seen in films like Star Wars and other CGI animated films. This is all thanks to the gaming industry, without which it would be pretty much impossible to test certain physical engines and 3D modelling software that allow this kind of detail in the characters within a game.