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Useful Writing Apps For Students


Let’s admit it. Not everyone was born with the skill of writing. Unfortunately, this is one of the skills we need to advance in our schools and sometimes future careers. 

Writing tasks and other related school works can be both challenging and exciting for students; although, most of the time, students feel fatigued. As a result, instead of finding the encouragement to write a great story, they tend to lose motivation. Luckily, various aids and assistance are now at the tips of our hands, thanks to the advancement of our technology that they could do my homework for me.

Here’s the list of apps that can help succeed in your writing tasks. 




This app provides various advantageous services you can choose from. Essay writing service, reading useful materials, editing, proofreading and analyzing your written work. It can also help you with your homework. It provides answers to your homework and sorts it out in detail. Also, it gives guidelines that students can use. So whether you just need a study guide or a sample to read through, this is the leader among the apps for teaching writing essays and other assignments. 




Hemingway is a word processor and proofreading tool. This is an app that helps you write concise and easy to understand sentences. This app uses color-coded highlighters to help you analyze the content of your written work. It detects complicated sentences, too much usage of adverbs, passive voice and common grammar errors. It also offers words that you can use to make your written work more powerful.




One of the apps that has various services is Socratic. It helps you with your homework from all subject areas. Whether you just need to solve a complex mathematical equation or you need to accomplish a written task free of errors, this app can be helpful. You only have to take a photo of your homework and this app will classify it. You can also find educational resources that can give you a lot of ideas that you can use in accomplishing your tasks. The resources range from videos, Q and A’s, definitions and reading materials.  

List for Writers

If you are tasked to do creative writing but couldn’t find the inspiration, this tool is one of the best education apps for writing. This app provides a detailed list of plots, characters, settings and other things, including suggested words that could make your characters’ actions realistic. All you have to do is to browse through many keywords they have and let the ideas come to you.


The Brainstormer


Another app that can help you come up with a creative and unique idea in writing a masterpiece is the brainstormer. It helps you create a story by providing a combination of keywords. It works by spinning the wheel which displays three phases: conflict, style or setting, and subject. The purpose of this app is to “spark” an idea in your creative minds. 


Khan Academy


This app, though not specifically created for writing, provides learnings for subjects like Science, Math, Economics, and Humanities. It has the “Explore” slot which provides lessons and ideas about various subjects which are shown through appealing videos. It also provides transcripts that you can go over for better understanding.




Whether you are a casual writer or a professional one, Grammarly is a must. This app uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing that mainly help you in creating an error-free written work. It highlights errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. It also analyzes your work carefully to avoid plagiarism. Also, it provides vocabulary suggestions and corrections to make your written work a stunning success.

With the help of these writing apps for students, everyone will be able to create a masterpiece. But you must remember that it also pays to exert effort and hard work to succeed in what you do.