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Using Spying Technology to Catch an Unfaithful Spouse


It doesn’t take a genius to see the obvious link between infidelity and technology. The ascent of mobile phones and internet, social media sites in particular, has made it easier than ever for people to get involved in extramarital affairs. With substantial privacy offered by these disruptive technologies, the fear of getting caught has lost its impact as a deterring factor. If you have been feeling suspicious of your spouse lately, there are two options available in front of you. One is to ignore your intuition and pretend that the marriage is going perfect. Second is to do a little bit of digging to unearth the truth. The latter option is definitely good for you, your marriage, and your family in the longer run. Spying technology like social media and text message spy apps can prove to be an extremely handy accomplice in case you make up your mind to probe into your suspicion. Here’s how it can help you catch a cheating spouse, or help remove your suspicion.


Keep tabs on SMS messages

One of the easiest ways to know if your spouse is secretly involved with another man/woman is to simply sneak a peek into his/her SMS messages. Simply install a
text message spy app on his/her phone to remotely gain access to all the incoming and outgoing messages, including details like name and number of sender/receiver, as well as time and date at which the messages were exchanged. Analyze what you find to confirm whether your spouse is cheating on you.

Remain aware of their location

If your spouse is secretly having an affair, chances are he/she often goes to meet his/her love interest. You can’t simply take out your car and start trailing him/her as it’s not a good idea to make your suspicions so obvious. Installing a spy app on your spouse’s mobile phone can help you keep track of his/her location in real-time through GPS positioning. You can simply call your spouse up and ask where he/she is. If he/she lies, you’ll know that he/she is hiding something, an illicit affair perhaps?


Monitor social media

Contemporary spy apps even allows you see what someone is doing or who someone is talking to on social media. If your spouse is having romantic conversations with someone on Facebook behind your back, you’ll know right away, provided you’ve successfully snuck a spy app with social media monitoring capabilities into their mobile phone.

SIM change notification

If your spouse is using a different SIM to keep in touch with his/her lover, you will come to know about it right away through the SIM change notification feature that is available in most spy apps these days. Just don’t jump to a conclusion though, as they may have a very valid explanation for switching to a different SIM.

Although spying technology makes it really easy to confirm if your spouse is being unfaithful to you, it can also fuel misunderstandings and distrust. Avoid jumping to conclusions upon finding your spouse frequently texting someone, or lying to your about where he/she is. Don’t succumb to your paranoia. Moreover, keep in mind that spying on your spouse can land you in legal trouble. Use it as a last resort and that too if you’re willing to risk everything to learn the truth.