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What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Department?


IT departments are among the first to be outsourced by businesses big and small, but what are the benefits of outsourcing your IT department? Let’s look at the reasons why so many companies are outsourcing their IT departments.

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24/7 Support

Small businesses with an IT department may find that weekend support consists of their IT guy checking the servers a couple times over the weekend or answering phone calls about problems after they’ve become critical. Support over holidays and overnight rely on the only person willing to work those shifts. Conversely, when you outsource your IT functions, you hand off IT that fills these shifts already. They may be able to tap into international call centers for which it is still daytime or utilize talent that is both qualified and happy to work nights, weekends and holidays.

Less Risk

Another benefit of outsourcing your IT department is that they have people monitoring things constantly, so you won’t need to wait until someone notices a problem for it to be resolved. Downtime is kept to a minimum the few times it occurs. The risk of losing access to critical systems is low. You also reduce your risk in other ways. Their IT experts ensure that backups are occurring and are error free. They audit inventory like hardware assets and software licenses so that you can prove you’re in compliance during an audit. Now you don’t get hit with penalties for using a shareware version of an engineering tool someone downloaded or because too many people were using the copy of a software application on the server.

Working with IT experts lowers your risk in other ways. Because they thoroughly test all IT infrastructure before implementation and test the software their customers use in the environments they set up, they know in advance if a software patch will kill the interface between databases and business software and work to resolve it before rolling it out. You won’t have to worry about software patches pushed out for IT security breaking something else.

Lower Overall Cost

Unless you have a large company with thousands of employees and thus can afford to have dozens of IT experts on staff, you’ll save money by relying on Thriveon Outsourced IT instead of employees. You’ll gain access to top-notch IT security gurus, software migration experts, server maintenance and software developers for those times it is required. And, because the cost of these experts is spread across all of their customers, you won’t have to pay full salaries for experts you don’t need full-time while benefiting from their undivided attention when you do.

Access to the Best Technology

If you outsource your IT department, you’ll receive the latest technology in return. They use the most up to date antivirus and intrusion detection systems. You’ll receive the most up to date IT infrastructure and software tools for system administration that most small and mid-sized businesses do not possess.

When you outsource your IT department, you’ll pay less for IT hardware, software, and infrastructure and there is less risk to your business because of their constant monitoring, cutting-edge IT security tools, and thorough testing before making changes. When weighing all these benefits in the balance, the choice becomes a no-brainer.