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What Can Instagram Do For Your Marketing Needs


Social media and business are almost synonymous at this point. No one could have ever imagined the effect that social media would have on businesses. Today, many small businesses and ecommerce brands operate solely for a social media standpoint. Startup brands are getting their start from social media. Influencers are making a living from social media. Social media has proven itself as a part of technology history and business history as well as a medium and platform for people to find success. The success that social media allows companies to have has no signs of slowing down. Therefore companies are learning to adjust with the new of means of communicating and marketing to customers through apps on their smartphone predominately Instagram.

Instagram if not already is the most popular social media. The Facebook owned company is a hot spot for influencers who can make money straight from their phone. People have found ways to get free gifts and money from posting. Instagram allows people to explore many different niches and monetize those niches. From fitness to cooking to art to beauty to fashion, you name it, Instagram has become a platform people can start careers in almost any different niche. Instagram has allowed for small brands to get in front of millions of people and grow with popularity. Instagram is a marketer’s best friend. If you are not already using Instagram you may want to give it a try.

Marketing Challenges

Marketing can be confusing and challenging. Enlisting the help of someone like Digitrio Online Marketing Agency can ease some of the headaches that come along with marketing. Even if you are not completely ready to turnover your marketing efforts to someone else there are some things you can do on your own to help your business benefit from Instagram.

Be careful with ad spend. Before you know it a few bucks on ad spend can turn into hundreds of wasted dollars. If you are going to be spending a lot of money on advertising make sure you are getting a return. It is normal in the beginning to not get a return on ad spend. You’ll have a period of trial and error with your ads. But after sometime make sure you are keeping up with how much money you spend on ad spend. If you are struggling with seeing a return on ad spend try marketing to a different audience and/or raising the price of your product to include the cost of marketing.

Learn your audiences

Certain ages, genders and demographics are interested in different things. Learn who your ideal customer is. Learn where they live, what they believe in, what they like and what they dislike. Learn the needs of your audience and fulfil those needs. Maximizing your return on ad spend depends heavily on your targeting. The type of audience you have will ultimately decide the results of your ad campaign.

Instagram Features

Instagram has many different features that can help a marketer or small business owner increase their reach and revenue. Instagram stories has become very popular amongst business owners and influencers. You can even run ads through Instagram stories. These stories really do speak to customers. It gives them more thorough information about your business, product or service.

The key to utilizing Instagram is not trying to grow an outrageous following. More followers do not easily generate more sales. The goal is to have high quality followers that will convert into customers. Hashtags will allow you to get in front of a high quality audience of followers. The use of hashtags allow for anybody following that hashtag to have the chance of seeing your posts. Learn about the hashtags that appeal the most to potential customers. Follow other companies in your niche, Companies that sell similar products or services with similar price tags should be the other brands you follow. Make sure to answer all of your direct messages and respond to comments from potential customers.

Time For Help

We know marketing is nothing easy. When marketing begins to get overwhelming don’t forget there is help out there. A quick search on Google may lead you to articles and videos that may answer your marketing questions. Youtube has videos from many different marketing experts. Learn from these experts. When all of this still does not answer your questions or solve your problems then perhaps you should consider hiring a professional or marketing agency to take over your marketing for your business.