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What Different Strands Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy Do For You?


If you’re building a company, you need digital marketing working for you. That’s becoming more and more of an assumption towards becoming a success. One that’s proving more true as people buy and consume more and more through the internet. But what is it that the different strands of online marketing actually do for you? You might get told what to do, a lot. But why should you do it?

Social media

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Social media

It’s the presence that even the most local of business are starting to use. For the good reason that, for a growing number of the internet’s ‘netizens’, it is becoming the place where they consume new content. Social media is how your message can reach the most people. Particularly if you do the kind of research to find out which channels your target market is most likely to be using.


Blogging tends to be a lot wordier than social media, and a lot more in depth. It can do a few great things for your business. For one, it’s the perfect place to share your expertise and build the idea that you are the authority to trust with your business. It also gives people a lot more reason to visit your website. Finally, it can serve a very helpful role in making that website useful in the form of search engine optimisation.

The site

The core of a strong internet presence. It’s where people will look to see what you’re all about. It gives you the opportunity to say exactly what you offer your customers. Keeping it visible means keeping your company visible. You can do that through the above mentioned search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO services can help the exact people looking for your kind of services find you. Beyond that, you should be looking at the data of your site itself and which pages are the most visited. Here is where you can put calls to action and use similar tactics to convert more customers.

The brand

All of your content, from your site to your blog to your social media, needs to fit the brand. The brand is the visual and writing style that works as a shorthand for your business. It helps you convey the values and perks quickly to the customer. Failing to use a consistent brand can make it harder for the customer to get a grasp of what you’re really all about.



Don’t go it alone. Even if it’s not aimed at the customers, networking is an important part of marketing. The partners that you make online can play a tremendous role in increasing your visibility. Mainly by sharing your content, but also by pairing up for collaborations. That way, both parties benefit of one another’s audience.

The idea of using multiple approaches to your marketing is the key to make sure your bases are well covered. The points above should make it a lot easier to give the go ahead to your next campaign with a real idea of what it will do.