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What Lies in the Future of Wearable Technology?


The embryonic wearable technology vertical is already much-maligned with continuing flops such as the misguided forays into the smart watch field made by the likes of Samsung and Motorola. That being said, everyone agrees that wearable tech is the next frontier for the electronics industry. For example, industry experts almost unanimously agree that the Apple Watch would be Apple’s most successful device yet and there are startups such as augmedix.com that have been formed to solely create apps on the Google Glass. So what can we expect to see in the near future as this field keeps evolving?


Technology to progress hand in hand with fashion

Murphy’s Law is applicable for wearable technology as well; hence as these devices get smaller it will be easier for designers to integrate them with the usual wearables. There are already a few companies that have been formed such as AiQ Clothing, Hexoskin and OMSignal that are exploring ideas such as tracking biometric data from a sensor hidden behind a thin film inside a piece of jewelry! Q would be proud!

The data captured via wearables are going to be far more accurate


Sooner or later the novelty of a so-called revolutionary piece of technology is bound to wear off. At that point people will stop being wowed by the fact that data is being captured and transmitted and would focus on how accurate the purported data actually is. Maybe we would start seeing some industry standards and maybe even some advocacy groups?

Revolutionize access to your other devices

This innovation is already in the works and is rumored that the Apple Watch will make giant strides towards easing your accessibility to your existing devices within the Apple ecosystem without compromising on security. Having to type in cumbersome pass-codes or drawing ridiculous patterns may soon be a thing of the past because the biometric signals captured by your wearables can be easily transmitted to your other gadgets and unlock them for you!

Technology is to progress beyond measuring biometric signals

The current crop of wearable smart gadgets limits their functionality to measuring biometric signals and providing social media updates. However, it is only a matter of time before these barriers are broken and these devices achieve things that others did not deem plausible. Wearable Solar and Voltaic Systems are two companies that are pushing the aforementioned boundaries. Wearable solar incorporates solar panels into fashionable clothing and the electricity produced allows you to charge your smart-phone. Voltaic System incorporates the same concept in bags and can actually charge a wider variety of devices.

Wearable technology does have a long way to go before it starts having mass appeal. However, there are several companies that are betting big in this field, so watching this industry could be an interesting exercise to check and see when or how the tipping point is finally reached!