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What Types Of Sports Bets Are There?


There are many people who are interested in sports and that’s why people like to be excited about important events. But it gets really exciting as soon as the bets come into play. When it comes to your favourite team and you have placed a bet, the thrill really starts. Either you are an enthusiastic strategy player and love gambling or you bet on your home team every now and then in a sporting national match. In any case, there are many betting enthusiasts and there is a correspondingly large offer. Especially online, the market for sports betting has exploded. Today you can place a bet online anywhere and at any time with your smartphone, tablet or computer. The online betting providers are transparent and trustworthy. Today’s technology has developed so well that you can play with a serious provider on the Internet with a bet without hesitation. In sports and especially in football, you can bet so well on everything. But not only football is very attractive for betting enthusiasts, but also handball, Formula 1, skiing, water sports and much more… In order to provide a small overview of the types of sports bets there are now concrete, this article describes in more detail.

As already mentioned, there are countless betting systems that can be used for sports betting. However, all major sports betting providers usually offer three types of betting:

  • Single bet
  • combination bet
  • system bet

single bet

The single bet is the easiest and most classic way to bet. The player bets on the outcome of a game. If his statement is correct, he has won. If his betting forecast is wrong, the money is also lost. The single bet is especially popular with beginners, because it is simple and the result is quickly determined. Most bets that are placed are single bets. They can be played quickly and without much thought, and information about the team and the competition is always an advantage. Single bets sometimes have a high chance of winning, but there is usually not much money to be won with them.

Combined bet

In a combination bet, several bets are combined with each other. The special thing about this is that all bets must be won for the combined bet to count as won. The player must play at least two bets with each other, only the offerer can set a limit. With some sports betting providers, combination bets of up to 10 different bets are possible. Combined bets make it possible to win a lot of money with a small stake. But it also carries a high risk, because if only one of the bets is lost, all the money is gone. The advantage of the combination bet is that very high odds are offered, albeit with a high risk, since all selected tips must be correct. Combined bets or system bets are already possible with only 2 tips. However, combination bets are not offered on betting exchanges. Here the odds are offered by different people and so a combination of several tips is impossible.

system bet

System betting is a more complicated continuation of combination betting. Unlike a combination bet, the bet is not completely lost if a single bet is lost. System bets are mainly played by trained players. One possibility of system betting is to combine several combination bets. There are several system bet options. You can choose the number of played bets within a system bet as well as how many of the bets must be correct. Since each system bet consists of several single bet lines, or combination bets, there is of course a higher stake. The fixed stake is then paid per bet row.

As a simple example I mention the system bet 2 out of 3 (2/3). Here one bets on 3 different games and one must have correctly predicted at least two of the three games for a success. If all three games are correctly predicted, you naturally get the win of all three games.

System bets can be played in many different variations. For example, if you play the system bet 3 out of 5, you bet on all possible combinations of 3 that can be formed from the five games.

Very important with system bets is to choose the right games with the right odds. There are many different strategies around the system bet. For example, you could play the 3 out of 5 system bet described above and put it together in the same way that if you “only” bet three out of the five games correctly, you get the bet out approximately. With four correctly typed games you take a nice win and with five correctly typed games you can get a good payoff.

In general, a system bet is more recommended for higher odds, because it is very difficult to be right in many bets on the underdog.

It’s now up to the player to decide what risk to take, what strategy to develop and how professionally to bet. There’s something for everyone, from beginners to professionals. The most important thing with sports betting is that you always set yourself a financial limit. You should never exceed this limit to protect yourself. Furthermore, the chances of winning increase if you are always well informed. Knowledge is power! You should always know which provider has the best odds, what the statistics of the bookmakers look like and, above all, whether the team or the athletes you bet on are well trained. Sometimes it can happen that an important player of a team drops out and a bet can get insecure. All these criteria are decisive for the pleasure of sports betting, where you can escape from everyday life. If you haven’t found a suitable betting provider yet, you can find all licensed betting providers on https://sportwetten.org/en/. Betting is fun, thrilling and exciting. Betting is at the same time also a leisure activity that you can share with many people who are also enthusiastic about sports betting.