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Why Are More Smokers Switching to Vaping in 2021?


If anything has been made abundantly clear about vaping over the past few years, it’s that using e-cigarettes and vape pens instead of tobacco cigarettes is definitely not a trend or a fad. Although it’s impossible to know exactly how many smokers around the world have successfully used vaping to help themselves quit, it’s clear that the number is definitely in the tens of millions. That’s a huge number of people who are no longer filling their lungs with tar and carbon monoxide, and there is no reason to believe that the trend will ever reverse itself. If anything, it’s completely reasonable to expect that the number of smokers who switch to vaping will continue growing even more rapidly in 2021.

Are you a smoker? If so, it’s time to give vaping a try, and there’s never been a better time to do it than right now. Here’s why so many smokers are switching to vaping in 2021.

Vape Juice Flavors Are Better Than Ever

Vape flavors have improved so much over the years that it’s completely changed the nature of vaping. During the early years after the first e-cigarettes hit the market, only a few different vape juice flavors were available. You’d have the traditional tobacco and menthol e-liquids, and then you’d have a small selection of sweeter flavors like vanilla, mint and cherry. The truth is that the early vape juices didn’t exactly bowl people over with their quality. The vapor was infinitely more pleasant than cigarette smoke, but flavor still wasn’t the primary reason why people derived enjoyment from vaping. It was all about getting the nicotine without the smoke; the flavor was secondary.

Somewhere along the line, though, the e-liquid companies started to get really good at creating amazing flavors. They began to create more complex flavor profiles, and they discovered that the judicious application of sweeteners like sucralose could make it possible to create e-liquids that tasted almost identical to popular candies, beverages and desserts. Whether you want an e-liquid that tastes like a blue raspberry slushie or one that tastes like a glazed doughnut, you can find it. Vaping isn’t just about the nicotine anymore. It’s about the flavor, and that has made it more enjoyable than ever.

Vape Juice Is More Satisfying Than Ever

Vape juice hasn’t just improved in the flavor department over the past few years. It’s also become more satisfying than ever, and we have a new product called nicotine salt e-liquid to thank for that. Nicotine salt vape juice differs from traditional e-liquid – also called freebase nicotine e-liquid – in that it contains a mild acid as an additive. The acid makes nicotine salt e-liquid slightly less basic than freebase nicotine e-liquid, which is fairly alkaline. 

Why does that matter to you? It matters because the reduced alkalinity makes it possible for e-liquid makers to create vape juices that are much higher in nicotine but don’t cause throat irritation. 

New vapers almost always want to use devices that are small and simple, like pod-based e-cigarettes. If you use a small vaping device designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling, you need to use an e-liquid with a nicotine strength of about 50 mg/ml in order to get as much nicotine per puff as you would get from smoking a cigarette. Before nicotine salt e-liquid was created, though, the highest nicotine strength that most people could stand with freebase nicotine e-liquid was about 18 mg/ml. Higher strengths tended to cause irritation to the throat. Nicotine salt vape juice has made it possible for small vaping devices to deliver the same satisfaction as cigarettes, and that has encouraged more people than ever to switch to vaping.

Vaping Devices Are More User Friendly Than Ever

The last thing that you want when you’re trying to quit smoking is a product that’s hard to use. Nicotine gums and patches might not have the highest success rate in the world, but at least it’s easy to figure out how to use them. To a beginning vaper, though, a high-end vape mod might as well be a piece of professional geophysics equipment. Vape mods are just too hard to use for those who aren’t already partial to gadgets. 

The manufacturers of vaping devices understand that vape mods are just a bit too much for most new vapers, and they’ve worked hard to create a new generation of vaping devices that are much simpler to use but don’t require users to compromise their satisfaction. When you use a pod-based vaping device, all that you need to do is charge the device, fill the pod and puff to vape. When you’re no longer happy with the pod’s flavor, you’ll discard the pod and start using another one. Within just a few minutes of picking up a pod-based vaping device for the first time, you intuitively know how to use it. That’s enabled smokers to switch to vaping even though they’d normally be put off by gadgets.

Increased Tobacco Regulation Is Around the Corner

The final reason why so many people are switching to vaping these days is because governments around the world are regulating tobacco more stringently than ever – and it’s very likely that increased tobacco regulation is just around the corner in the United States as well. A movement to ban menthol cigarettes, for example, is currently gaining traction within the federal government. It’s also been suggested that the FDA might force cigarette manufacturers to reduce the nicotine in their products to non-addictive levels. Although such regulations may still be years away, it’s looking increasingly likely that they will happen eventually.

When a government regulates certain tobacco products out of existence, it only makes sense to leave a less harmful alternative available. That’s exactly what the government of the United Kingdom did, for instance, when it banned menthol cigarettes in Great Britain; menthol e-liquids remained available, which gave menthol smokers an incentive to switch to vaping. The same thing is likely to happen in the United States, and many smokers have decided that there’s no reason to wait. They’re jumping ship and switching to vaping now, and they’re reaping the benefits of doing so.