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Why Free Slots Apps Are So Addictive


Smartphones are the most frequently used electronic devices nowadays. In 2015 two thirds of Americans owned a smartphone, as opposed to only one a bit more than one third in 2011. Today, it is estimated that the figure is over 70% and it will soon reach the 80% threshold. Phones were initially developed for communication, but modern smartphones are very often used for entertainment purposes, particularly gaming. It is expected that mobile gaming will surpass other forms of gaming by the end of this year. This is surprising news, as only few years ago it seemed that video game consoles will be competing against each other and PCs, but nobody saw mobile phones as a real threat.

Online casino gaming has also been on the rise lately and the introduction of mobile casinos only further propelled that growth. Despite the fact that the online world is borderless, certain casinos are more popular in some countries and regions, whereas other operators have a stronger presence in other markets. These are the Top NZ Casinos. In an attempt to attract more players, casino operators offer many different kinds of bonuses and promotions, some of which are very lucrative.

One of the most popular bonus types is the ‘Free Spins’ bonus, where players get to play a number of online slot games for free. For example, Mr Green offers NetEnt free spins.

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Real Money vs. Free Slots

A lot of people from all over the world play real money casino games online. It is very thrilling and exciting and with the advanced technology that casino game developers have at their disposal nowadays, it is no wonder that the games are becoming even more thrilling and addicting. However, playing casino games with real money can be a bit dangerous, especially for players who become too attached to it.

Luckily, there are many online apps, particularly popular among smartphone users that allow players to play casino games for free, just for fun. These apps can be downloaded for free, usually directly from the App Store or Google Play, depending on the smartphone in question. The apps aren’t very large and they are updated on a regular basis. They don’t require a lot of free space and with the powerful processors that modern smartphones feature, the gaming experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Real Money vs. Free Slots

Addictive in the Good Sense of the Word

Some may think that free slot apps are just a substitute for real money casino games and that they are not very popular. But, that is not true. In fact, these free slot apps can be quite addictive. Fortunately, here ‘addictive’ doesn’t include any negative connotations. The addictiveness of these apps is derived from the high quality and playability of the games, and not the gambling rush.

The Feeling Is Real, Even though the Money Isn’t

When players play any of the games that are available on their favourite fee slot app, they play with in-game money, which is not real. In fact, large amounts of this money, often millions come free as soon as the app is downloaded. You see amounts appearing on the screen and you can win and lose them. The money isn’t real, but the feeling is. Just like when you’re playing a first person shooter and it all seems too real, but you can’t get killed.

With free slot apps, the whole experience when the slot reels spin is quite real, but you’re not losing any real money. Surprising as it may sound, but this is one of the main reason why free slot apps are so popular. Players know that they can’t lose anything, so they don’t get too worried if they find themselves spending a lot of time playing their favourite free slot. It is more than certain that free slot apps will remain popular in the years to come.