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Why Should You Use Effective Search Engine For Instagram?


Instagram has come along way from being just a photo sharing application for fun to a serious marketing tool. Brands not only use this app for enhancing awareness, but also make direct sales right from the platform. About 70% of Instagram users follow at least one brand and about 60% have actually purchased a product directly from the platform. Instagram relies on numbers for advertisement and marketing.

The higher the number of followers, the better your account will be for brand awareness. Even then, you will need an effective search engine if you want your content to rank higher on users’ feeds.

Build Traffic

The key to online marketing and advertising is traffic. A site that has massive traffic will rank higher on the search results. Such sites usually appear on the first page of search engines. Research shows that many users looking for content online tend to go with what appears on the first page results. It is rare for most people to proceed to other pages not unless they are carrying out intensive research. This is why it is important to have an effective search engine for your Instagram so that your profile can appear on the first page if possible. You may head to https://www.hashtagsforlikes.co  for more details.

Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are extremely important when it comes to brand awareness and advertising. If you want your content to be seen by other users that are not your followers, you should use popular hashtags that are relevant to your content. You should identify trending issues relevant to your niche, then tailor your posts around such a tag. A good search engine will bring out the most relevant hashtags and the most popular. You can then use these to get your brand seen far and wide. Ensure that you keep checking used to refer to your company or brand.

Beat the Competition

There are a lot of Instagram accounts all competing for an audience from other Instagram users. There may be more than one billion subscribers, but remember, all of them are accounts trying to get a following. It is like each account is competing with every other account. You need to have a profile with unique content to at least stand out from the numerous subscribers. But, even with this unique content, you will still need an effective search engine that will drive traffic to your content.

Increase Your Ratings

Instagram accounts measure ratings based on the number of followers an account has as well as the level of activity these followers have on your profile. There are accounts that simply have followers but never engage the said followers. Such accounts, despite having a large number of followers might not be effective enough for marketing or brand awareness.

It is the followers’ participation that determines the effectiveness of a particular Instagram account. It is better for an account to have a few active followers, than to have a massive but docile following. Effective search engines ensure that your followers are effectively notified of your activities so that they can check out and react to the same. For instance, a good search engine will send notifications to your followers if you were to start a live video, or when you post new content after some long absence. Keeping your followers on the know ensures that they see most of your content and react to it, as long as they are online.

Highlight Your Bio

Ideally, your bio on Instagram is your cover page. It is the introduction that users interact with before they can proceed to your main profile. The content you include in your bio will determine if you get a lot of visitors or if they simply pass over your account. Unlike in websites where you can stuff some keywords to increase search engine rankings, Instagram limits you to just 150 characters. You really need to be extra creative with your content here to improve your ranking. An effective search engine, coupled with a few @mentions and some popular hashtags will ensure that your bio appears high on users feeds.