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Why Should Your Brand Take Advantage Of A Vector Logo?


If you look back twenty years or so ago at some of the graphics that were described as good graphics back then, you’ll likely think to yourself “did a 3-year-old kid design that?”. That was when we only had access to bitmap/pixels to bring our ideas to life. Now, though, we have access to vector based graphic programs to give our designs a much better finish. With that being said, some people are still using raster-based graphic work for their logos and, if you’re one of those logo owners, there’s a few reasons why you should turn to vector sooner rather than later.

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Resize Your Logo for Later Use

You can’t resize a bitmap logo without losing its overall quality – that’s the problem with raster. Vector graphic programs work with points instead of pixels which means you’re never limited when it comes to getting a resize of your logo that retains the quality. Your website design might change at some point and you need a bigger logo to fill up the bigger header area – but you’re not going to get a clear version of your logo with raster graphics.

Retain the Quality When Marketing

If you’re marketing using both traditional and digital methods, like leaflet distribution and email marketing respectively, you’ll likely need your logo in different sizes and graphic file types. If you’re using standard .jpg images for print on leaflets, it’s not going to look very pleasing to the eye. Vector files, however, can retain the quality regardless of the shape/size of the logo you require for individual marketing purposes.

Smooth Quality Finish

Most vector programs like Adobe Illustrator take advantage of the points system rather than pixels. Pixels are square, and that means your smaller detailed graphics need to end abruptly with a rough edge. However, points more or less make up pixels, and that means you can get a much smoother finish. This might not make much of a difference if your logo is a simple graphic in the shape of a square, but it could make a lot of difference in terms of quality if it’s rounded. To look at a breathtaking graphic design that uses vector graphics, click the link.

Prepare for the Future

If your logo isn’t vectorized, it could be the perfect time to get it done. The future of raster/bitmap graphics (or a dot matrix data structure) is uncertain, but vector images will continue to be the leader in graphic design for decades to come. Programs like Adobe Photoshop that primarily use raster graphics are still useful, but that’s generally for web design or photo editing purposes where graphics needn’t be that complicated to get a fine piece of art. But, it could only be a matter of time before software developers choose to adopt the vector route instead.

Whether you choose raster or vector based graphic solutions for your logo is completely in your hands. However, when you look at the benefits vector solutions provides, it’s almost certainly the way forward if you’re looking to keep your logo looking nice long-term.