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Why UV Light Disinfection Is Better Than Other Methods


The latest UV technology has taken the disinfectant industry by storm, and there is a reason for it. Several aromatic disinfectants are available out there and have been used for ages. The staple of every household or cleaning warehouse is the traditional liquid disinfectant, which, when added to water, forms an accurate solution to clean every nook and corner. This solution is claimed to be 99.99% effective; however, that 0.01% is uncertain, which may lead to severe illness or even death.

The sight of walking into an unsterilized washroom used by millions or a kitchen infected by germs and bacteria is awful. Germs and bacteria infect the entire area, and at some places, the disinfectants cannot reach. To eliminate this uncertainty and clean your belongings entirely, UV light disinfection has been brought to light. 

Since many people are reluctant to use this newly introduced technology, we are here to introduce you to its benefits over other methods. Be it hot water, liquid soap, or bleach, with UV light disinfection in hand, you will never retire to bed with germs clinging onto you. So, let’s find you what this divine light holds.

 UV light

Before proceeding further, we want to introduce you to the UltraViolet Light briefly. UV light is invisible to the human eye but has great benefits, even while being invisible. A single ray can do wonders for those who take cleanliness and hygiene seriously. It is a form of light that lies between the Visible light and the X-rays. Sun is the natural source that emits Ultraviolet rays on earth. However, the majority of the beams are retained and absorbed by the Ozone layer.

A specific range of the wavelength of UV light acts as a germicide. This wavelength is used for purifying water, disinfecting eatables and other items.

Working of the UV Disinfection

UV lamps are available that make the process of disinfection effortless. First, you need to have a lamp that emits UV rays of the specified range with germicidal properties. There are two types of lamps available: Pulsed Xenon lamps and low-pressure Mercury lamps. 

After having the lamp, you need to focus the rays on the surface of the item you want to disinfect. If you want to purify water, take the lamp and focus the rays on the body of water. However, the presence of suspended solids and turbidity reduces the effect of the UV light, which might lead to incomplete disinfection. Thus, make sure that the product you are disinfecting is free from such obstacles that may hinder the UV disinfection system’s working.

Effectiveness of UV light disinfection on Pathogens

UV light is very useful on pathogens and doesn’t spare those who have developed resistance against the traditional disinfectants. Even if the bacteria are antibiotic-resistant, the UV light will kill them with ease. The moment a single ray falls on the pathogen’s body, it suspends their metabolic activities, and they become inactive. 

This suspension then prevents the replication process as well. Hence no more new colonies are formed, which leads to the entire eradication of the disease-causing pathogens, and therefore the disinfection is complete. Without their metabolic activities continuing, the pathogens can no longer stay alive and thus become dead.

Safety Advantages of UV Light Disinfection

There are many safety advantages of UV light disinfection over any other method and so let’s find out what these advantages are.

  • UV light disinfection is a physical process where only the ray of light comes in contact with the product’s surface. No chemicals are involved that may cause harm to you.
  • It is non-toxic and doesn’t need to be transported anywhere. It is easy to store and completely eradicates the disease-causing germs and bacteria.
  • If used in water purification, UV light doesn’t lead to a change in the taste or color. It doesn’t have any carcinogenic effect on the product used for the disinfection purpose. 
  • Irrespective of the number of colonies present or the molds and spores formed, UV light removes them. This effectiveness is not found in any other disinfecting method, especially the cleaning of molds and spores that can only be done by UV light. 
  • Suppose there are toxic chemical compounds present on any product. In that case, the UV light can be mixed with another capable compound effortlessly to clean the product by efficiently breaking down the toxic chemical bonds. 

Some Final Words

Tradition disinfectants have been used for ages, but they haven’t been able to match UV light disinfection efficiency till now. Being newly introduced, this advanced cleaning technology has won the hearts of many.

It is incredibly affordable and does its work in seconds. No more cleaning with hands, harming your health; switch to UV light disinfectants and behold the magic.