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Why will Apple Watch Succeed Where Others Have Failed


Wearable tech as an industry is yet to reach its infancy and most of the options that are currently available in the market are yet to appeal to the masses. Out of the many people that you encounter during your daily commute, how many of them are actually sporting a smart-watch? Not that many, yet many people including industry experts are betting big that the Apple watch will be a roaring success. Although I am not an Apple fan-boy by any stretch of the imagination, I too believe that Apple will succeed where others have failed. Following are some of the reasons why:


Apple has an established history of creating a behavioral shift

A majority of the smart-watch bashers say that a smart-watch has yet to differentiate itself into a necessary or a desirable gadget in a market that is already saturated with electronics. On the other hand, people like Trip Chowdhry, co-founder of Global Equities Research LLC says that the Apple Watch will be successful because Apple as a company are masters at creating or influencing a behavioral shift; which in common terms means that they create a demand where none existed in the past. Others such as John Edson, President of world-renowned design firm LUNAR expounded on the fact that a lot of people did not know where the iPad fitted in, because it was not compact enough to be considered a phone, yet not powerful enough to replace a laptop. Yet iPad’s wide screen, incredibly fast boot speed and a long battery life piqued the interest of the consumer, even if it were just to play Angry Birds or binge-watch Netflix!

Apple focuses on design

Watches are not just about being able to tell the time; they need to look great as well. The cell phone in your pocket, irrespective of how smart it is will probably provide you with the time more accurately than a Rolex or a Cartier on your wrist. But if you possess any of these iconic time-pieces, you would like to flaunt them because they have a majestic aura about them. One of the key reasons the smart watches released by the likes of LG, Motorola, Samsung etc. have failed is because they look like slabs of cheap plastic attached to watch bands. Apple on the other hand has already shown us that they have panache for designing beautiful objects that just happens to have some cutting edge technical features as well.


Apple can leverage its existing eco-system

One of the biggest critiques of existing smart watches is that they are limited to a specific platform. One of the biggest examples is Samsung Gear, for which you need to own a compatible Samsung phone. Apple on the other hand has already captured 40% of the smart phone market. People who own multiple Apple devices are already used to an eco-system where their alerts or notifications are synced between their smart phone, tablet and laptop. Now imagine getting rid of an unimportant notification with a shake of a wrist instead of having to unlock one of your devices. Fits like a glove, doesn’t it?

I would like to leave you with this one last tidbit. The Apple Watch had a release date of April 24th, 2015, which now has been pushed back to sometime in June. The reason is that Apple is unable to keep up with the sheer number of pre-orders. This should rest any further doubts you may have about Apple Watch’s impending success!