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Why You Can Never “Waste” Money On Your Facebook Ads


Here at SaleSource we receive hundreds of emails every day from frustrated customers and beginner entrepreneurs, one in particular that strikes a chord:

I lost almost $1000 in  Facebook ads… man it’s really painful my, hard-earned money wasted”

Can I tell you why that makes me mad? There are two words in that comment, I just don’t like. The first word I don’t like is lost in the second word I don’t  like is wasted. Its important to realise that driving traffic to your online store is one of the hardest parts about dropshipping.

We talk about mindset all the time and lost and wasted means that  there was absolutely no value (not sales) but no value brought from that thousand  dollars expense on Facebook. Literally just like setting $1,000 on fire and being like well there goes that, just throwing it up because if you  got absolutely nothing from it and it was just instantaneous and it was just gone. But that’s wrong, that’s not how Facebook Ads work, it is completely  wrong. 

This  is a mindset that we really need to help  a lot of dropshippers change, and as soon as you start changing your mindset about  this, you will be able to succeed with Facebook Ads and with your shopify product research. I think one of the most  important quotes and interviews we ever  did was with Harry Coleman – he is an extremely successful seven figure  ecommerce drop shipper and Harry told us in one of our interviews that he spent eight hundred pounds, before he got his  first sale.

It’s hard to hear, that’s really tough, but when we were talking to Harry about  it, he seems to relaxed about it and he was like well you know I spent 800 pounds but I got my first sale so if  validated that dropshipping worked and I just needed to figure out what I needed to do what I needed to change to be able to get my next sale for a lot  cheaper than that. 

That’s the exact mindset that you need to have to  be a successful drop shipper, because if you start thinking that you’ve lost or  wasted money, you’re not actually taking in what you’ve learned from all those ads that failed. The same thing applies to aliexpress product analysis – if you end up getting the wrong products that never end up selling, it is still a learning curve.

Harry went back  into his Facebook dashboard at that  moment and really took apart his ad campaigns to figure out – okay what is  working what’s not working what can I pull back and you know what he didn’t have all those answers because no one is  born a Facebook Ads genius he had to then go to YouTube and try to figure out how to analyse his own Facebook ads. 

I think what’s really cool about this is  very few people will spend that much money sit back and say now I know that  drop shipping works that’s a totally different mindset but very few people become millionaire dropshippers like Beast of ecom.

With drop shipping this is  something that people have a lot of  difficulties wrapping their mind around,  but try to use another example something that I always like to think about is  swimming, if you have no idea how to swim you’re going to take classes and waste a  lot of money learning how to swim and waste a lot of time just getting wet, you might have to go a few  hours a week totally “wasted”, totally “lost” – except with swimming it’s not, because you know that by the end of those  lessons you’ll hopefully be able to swim and if not, guess what, you have to take more classes and with swimming that’s totally normal and everyone thinks: “well  of course, it takes some people a lot less time to learn and it takes some people a lot more time to learn”, but with Facebook Ads dropshippers seem to have this mentality that it’s  either you just blow some money on Facebook ads and if it doesn’t work this, the whole thing is a scam and there’s it is – all your money is gone and that’s just not how it works. 

I also want to say I  can understand how someone reading this article would say oh it’s easy for you  guys to say you’re not the ones parting with your cash to Facebook – I know that  hurts but no matter what you do whether you’re spending money on Facebook ads or you’re spending hours every day  building an organic following on Instagram you’re spending something, money or time on something that you’re not sure will work out and. 

A lot of  people will get nervous after a big  initial investment and no returns and  they will stop and the reason that Harry  is a multi-millionaire drop shipper is he didn’t is –  he learned from the time he spent and the money he spent and he took those learnings and  that made the next investment a little bit smarter and the next investment in Facebook guides a little bit smarter  that’s the pattern you’re going for here, absolutely, and if you can figure out how to make one sale you are going to have  so much information to help the next sale be faster and the sale after that be faster and the sale after that be faster so it’s a really can be a domino  effect and that’s why you’re never wasting it.

Some people will  say that you’re investing in data and  that’s true because when you spend money  on Facebook Ads you’re helping Facebook figure out who is a good customer and  who is not a good customer but beyond that you’re also learning yourself looking at your ads figuring out what ad  copy works what ad copy does not work and I think that a lot of professional dropshippers if they look back at their  first ads that ever ran would be able to see how much of a progress they’ve made in terms of making them much more high-quality and much better content  that would actually convert customers.