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Why Your Business Needs Cloud Computing?


Due to the fact that so many businesses have moved to the cloud, a number of different providers have surfaced. Companies on the move in the cloud sector can often provide new insights. If you followed the UK cloud awards this year, Gradwell were nominated as the Best Newcomer to the sector. This level of competition in the field means you can shop around for the best deal and grab yourself a bargain when switching to the cloud. What are you waiting for?


If you run a business that has different levels of seasonal fluctuations, then cloud computing’s certainly for you. This is because cloud computing is incredibly scalable because of the service’s remote servers. This can be scaled down just as easily, too.


Plus, because you can adjust the level of service you require to suit your demands, you’ll never be paying for services you’re not using and effectively wasting money. This could give you quite the advantage over your competitors.

Encourage Collaboration and Document Control

Cloud computing can also help you encourage collaboration between your staff. Not only do they get automatic updates so they always have the latest software, but they can also work on the same document simultaneously, saving time and money.

What’s more, document control also means that you won’t have any mix ups with people working on the wrong copy of a document or an old version, again saving time and money.


Increased Security

Cloud computing provides you with extra protection should your laptop, phone or tablet be stolen. All of your sensitive data, if stored and saved correctly through the cloud should be safe from thieves.

You’ve also got the added bonus that, because it has been stored remotely rather than on the machine, you can access it from anywhere. This means not only do you have access to the documents, you can block the thief from seeing it and even wipe the laptop.