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Wix.com – The Simplest Way to Create Websites Quickly


Planning to create your own website?

Don’t have the knowledge or the time to do the coding part? Wouldn’t you prefer to create a website from a premade, customizable template? All you need to do is spend a few hours modifying the template and customizing it for you?  If the answer to above questions is yes, then you are reading the right post.

Today we will reveal the secret of how you can create your own website in few simple steps using a popular website builder, Wix.com.


In the simplest terms, Wix.com is a website builder. Founded in 2006, currently Wix has over 71 million users and the number is increasing day by day. The fact is, it’s one of the best drag n’ drop website building platforms on the market. It offers an easy, DIY environment and walks you step by step through the process of website creation.

Why should you use Wix.com?

No one uses a service until it is worth using. But since Wix.com offers some out of the most extensive features and apps and a user-friendly interface, it makes sense that 45,000 new users sign up for this service every day.

There are many reasons to use Wix.com and here are few of them:

1. A huge list of fully-customizable templates: Why do the coding when Wix is offering you a huge choice of fully-customizable templates for any kind of website. More than 500 templates are divided into categories, and you can also choose a subcategory to help you find just the right template for your website.

wix-com-the-simplest-way-to-create-websites-quickly2. Safe, secure & FREE hosting: No need to pay extra for hosting anymore as Wix offers a completely free web hosting service to house your new website for you.

3. Step by step process: There are many website builders available on the market but what makes Wix website builder unique is the way it guides you. The complete process of creating a website is explained clearly in a step by step manner. Even a newbie can set up a website like a professional, all because of the simple and user-friendly interface of Wix.com.

4. Easy e-commerce website: Generating online business via e-commerce is the new trend today. Every small business is focusing on growing their business in the online world with an e-commerce website. Making an e-commerce website is not always easy but, if you are using Wix.com, it’s a walk in the park.wix-com-create-e-commerce-websites-quickly5. Mobile-optimized & Google-friendly: One more reason to use Wix is that it offers you support for making a free mobile-friendly version of your site so that your visitors can also visit your website through their smartphones. They also help you make your website Google-friendly so that you can rank well in search results. 24/7 support is also an added advantage.

Premium Plans offered by Wix.com

An all around awesome website builder, Wix offers you any template for free. For additional functionalities such as e-commerce or a custom domain, you can upgrade to one of their affordable Premium plans. Wix.com is currently offering four premium plans which are as follows:

eCommerce Plan: $16.17/month

  • 1 Year free domain
  • Free 2 premium Apps.
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • 20 GB Storage

Unlimited Plan: $12.42/month

  • 1 Year free domain
  • Free 2 premium Apps.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10 GB Storagewix-com-create-e-commerce-websites-quickly-plans

Combo Plan: $8.25/month

  • 1 Year free domain
  • Gift Vouchers worth $75.
  • 2 GB Bandwidth and 3 GB Storage

Connect Domain: $4.08/month

  • 1 GB Bandwidth and 500 MB Storage

You can buy any of the above plans as per your needs, and the best part is that Wix is offering 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on all their premium plans. Like everything on Wix, the payment gateway is safe and secure!

Final Verdict

Having a website has become a very common thing nowadays and every business needs one. But, having a good looking website often still demands a lot of hard work and skills. However, why do it the hard way when you can choose to be smart with Wix.com?