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Workplace Aches – 5 Tips For Taking The Pain Out Of Productivity


Many people think that an office job is cushy, cruisy and comfortable.

After all, you’re not out there sweating in the sun, like a real worker. Right? Wrong! Office jobs can be a leading cause of back pain. Why? Surely sitting down all day can’t be that bad for you? Wrong again. It turns out that a sedentary lifestyle, which includes lots of sitting, can have quite a negative impact on your health. With that said, there’s still good news to be found. Productivity doesn’t have to equal pain. With a few tweaks to workflow, you can smooth out those aches and sprains and get back to peak performance. Let’s take a closer look at how.

Adjust Your Workstation

An incorrectly set-up workstation can be the main cause of your discomfort.

Try adjusting a few things. You can try to ensure that your chair, desk height and monitor position are all ergonomically sound.You could also consider investing in a dual monitor mount. As well as reducing the strain on your back and neck, a dual monitor mount will see your productivity increase to no end as you reduce the amount of time spent clicking and minimising between apps and browsers.

Get Up, Stand Up

Stand up for your right to enjoy a pain free day at work.

Standing desks are a great option for those looking to get up out of the chair and stretch out. When you start standing, your body is burning more calories than if you were sitting. Also, your spine is no longer compressed uncomfortably into a chair, getting stiff and sore all day long. Some advanced standing desks can ever raise and lower on demand, so you can spend your morning standing and your afternoon sitting. On that topic…

Move Around

As much as you can, you need to get away from that desk.

Walking is a great way to exercise and it also makes your whole body move – helping you recover from injuries and preventing the occurrence of any new ones. Take regular trips to the office water dispenser. Not only will this mean that you stay hydrated, but it means you’ll take more frequent trips to the toilet too – and that means more walking still! If you can, try to foster a walking culture in the office. Send a group email shout out for an afternoon walk around the block. After all, who wants to be desk-bound all day long?

Stretch Out, and Often

Stretching is a great way to help injuries heal and prevent new ones. Incorporate stretching into your daily work routine. If this means taking five minutes in the morning before you check your emails, so be it. Imagine the time spent away from work with a sprained back or neck. Look at the time spent stretching as an investment in your health, and in your work. Try this handy stretch routine for a few weeks and see the benefits.


Mind, body and soul are all linked. Often, it’s when you’re the most stressed out that you’re in the most pain. After all, you’re tense and tight and it’s no surprise that your back and neck starts to ache and throb. This may seem like a tip from far out of left field, but give it a go. Science has proved that meditation can help with chronic pain conditions, so let out that breath, get out that pillow and have a good sit.

There You Have It

Whether it’s a mindfulness meditation course, a standing desk, stretching out, an ergonomic desk or going for some regular walks, you’re now equipped with five ways to beat those work pains!