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Your Chatbot Needs A Voice: Here’s Why


New technology has the power to deconstruct and construct the business landscape overnight. And some of the most trans-formative products we’ve seen so far in 2018 are definitely chatbots.

Enabled by AI and Natural Language processing, chatbots have started conquering digital communication channels. They are also transforming customer support departments and services and affecting internal business processes. The question is not whether you should use a chatbot, it’s whether you should give your chatbot a voice. Here are 7 compelling reasons for doing that.

Deliver a Realistic Conversational Experience

Since its early days, communication technology has had one particular goal: to make conversational experience more natural and appealing to users. This is why we gained the ability to record our voices on answering machines; why call centers have ladylike voice machines that guide you through the call process, and why mobile carriers use voice recordings to inform their users.

Chatbot technology, being a communication tech, is evolving in the same direction. If you want to start delivering a realistic conversational experience, you have to stop thinking about typing and switch your focus to real voice conversations.

The time to do so is just about right, simply because chatbots are starting to gain enormous friction and 44% of consumers said they would prefer to talk with a chatbot instead of a human agent.

Make It Easier for the Users

One of the biggest trends and one that has lived the longest in the digital era is definitely ease of use. As a business owner, you have to do all in your power to make the cutting edge technologies you are using easily accessible and usable by all customers. This includes the customers with a minimal technical background or none at all.

And you have to agree that using a text-based chatbot requires at least some proficiency in using certain platforms. Well, with a voice-based chatbot this becomes a thing of the past because your users will be able to communicate with the chatbot as if it was a real person.

Recognizing this need, one of the world’s best chatbot companies, Snatchbot, has created a free chatbot platform that supports a text-to-speech feature. Besides being free, this platform is also very easy to use, making bot creation and voice implementation as simple as possible.

Leverage the Power of Voice Recognition

While the voice recognition is nothing new, the implementation of this tech in a chatbot is. Why is this important? To engage the chatbot, your users have had to perform several actions, which makes it very hard for companies to incentivize them to start using the brand new chatbot features.

Triggered by the AI, new voice-powered chatbots can help companies engage with more customers more easily. We already have some great examples in the real world. For instance, Amazon’s Alexa has already been put to use by Capital One. Their customers can communicate with Alexa, make payments, and get insights about their account information on the go.

A Voice Adds Convenience

Introducing chatbots to visually impaired people and those who spend their days staring at a screen is impossible. NLP, AI, and voice will help companies bridge a gap that was there from the moment chatbots were introduced to the market.

Thanks to voice recognition and their ability to directly speak to users, chatbots have definitely become more convenient. On top of that, users don’t have to stop whatever they were doing to communicate with a chatbot. They can simply do it while multitasking, which is very important considering how busy our lives have become today.

Improved Customer Experience

Chatbots have already drastically improved customer experience by delivering help through several channels 24/7. The voice aspect is there to bring this help up another level. By making the communication appear more real, effective, and human, chatbots are finally armed to deliver instantaneous replies.

Making the conversation more human is the key here, as it eliminates the inconvenient feeling of talking to a machine. Not to mention the data a chatbot utilizes when delivering insights to customers. The secret of great customer experiences is delivering reliable data in real-time. A voice-enabled chatbot does this in an instant.

Besides, by engaging more customers, your chatbot will generate more data which your service personnel can use to further enhance the customer experience.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Since almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, adopting cutting-edge technologies does no longer classify you as an early adopter. Chatbots have proven themselves as very resourceful allies to many businesses worldwide.

Many companies have already given their chatbots a voice. Postponing this decision will leave you in a vulnerable place. This is why you have to give your best, if not to stay ahead of the competition, then at least to stay as competitive as they are. Need a better incentive? According to Capgemini, in the next couple of years, 40% of consumers will choose voice assistants over anything else available to them.

Voice-based chatbots are designed to streamline the conversation and make it more human. Chatbots are already helping many businesses generate new leads, increase the number of loyal customers, and capture more sales. The voice aspect is only here to make communication easier and more appealing to busy modern users.