Editorial Guidelines

At Digital Edge, we’re deeply committed to the excellence of our content. Although our topics are varied, they share a unified goal: to serve readers seeking dependable tech information. Our authors produce content that is original, precise, expertly crafted, and devoid of ethical issues, biases, conflicts, or inaccuracies.

Our Values

Digital Edge aims to deliver top-tier content crafted by and for people. Our policy prohibits the publication of content created through automated means, including AI (artificial intelligence) writing tools like ChatGPT.
Before any content goes live, it undergoes professional editing to align with our stringent criteria. Our skilled editors review various aspects, including readability, format, spelling and grammar, the quality of photos and screenshots, the use of inclusive language and visuals, and much more.


Our news coverage spans urgent updates to comprehensive, timely analyses. These articles are penned by seasoned tech journalists and swiftly verified for accuracy. We are committed to citing our sources transparently, avoiding misleading headlines, and delivering the core message promptly.


Our product evaluations are impartial, grounded in thorough research and hands-on testing. Although we may earn commissions from purchases made through our links, our recommendations remain uninfluenced by any external compensation.

Our instructional content and guides are authored and regularly refreshed by veteran technology educators and authors. Adhering to rigorous style guidelines established over a decade, we ensure that even the most complex procedures are simplified for ease of understanding.

Accuracy And Fact-Checking

Digital Edge employs a skilled team of fact-checkers to add an essential layer of scrutiny to our news pieces, safeguarding their accuracy.

These experts, chosen for their journalism skills and knowledge in specific domains, diligently verify every factual claim to ensure the reliability and thoroughness of the data, technical details, and statistics in our news stories, confirming that sources are credible and current.

Whenever we substantially amend a news piece, whether through our fact-checking efforts or otherwise, we also issue a correction note at the article’s end to clarify the nature of the update.