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Digital Edge is absolutely thrilled that you want to write for us technology. Freelancers and contributing writers are welcome! We are always looking for new people with fresh perspectives who want to share their experiences with digital technology with the rest of the world, including freelancers and contributing writers.

Have you come across, or are you in the process of creating a revolutionary piece of technology that you are just itching to share with the rest of the world? Submit technology guest posts to reach a wide audience within business days!

We can be the ideal platform for you, provided you are able to please our editors and write for us technology blog! Discuss a range of topics in your submissions.

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Guest Post Topics – What We Cover?

Wide Range of Guest Post Topics Covered Including Technology, IoT, Mobile Apps, and Software keyword Development You can write for us about anything in the digital realm, especially if it’s related to the latest technology and tech news! Topics may include, but are not limited to the following, and must be original:

  • Business (Startups, Biz Tech, Entrepreneurship) keyword
  • Cloud
  • Social Media strategies are crucial when you submit technology guest posts to ensure maximum readership.
  • Internet
  • Gadgets
  • Apps
  • Security
  • Cars
  • Software
  • Gaming
  • Big Data
  • BYOD
  • VOIP keyword
  • IOT (Internet of Things)
  • Coupons can be incorporated into your article on technology blogs if relevant to the tech news of the day.
  • IT
  • Green Tech is becoming a prominent topic in technology blogs and tech news.
  • Data Storage keyword
  • Apple Watch
  • Google Glass
  • Wearable Tech
  • Tips and Tricks related to the latest technology topics can greatly benefit our readership.

Submission Guidelines to Write for Us: Get Your Technology Guest Posts Approved by Our Editorial Team

Our editorial team is very strict about what they allow on our technology blog. To be fair, our reputation is hedged against the content we publish. You need not despair however, as we have prepared this handy cheat-sheet for you to successfully submit technology guest posts to our write for us technology blog. If you stick to it, then getting your submissions approved and published on technology blogs within a few business days may prove to be an absolute breeze!

  • Clear your topic beforehand: You probably possess the proverbial gift, that being said, it is still a lot of hard work to create something that is worthy of being published. Wouldn’t it be an absolute shame to see your hard work go to waste on a technicality? Ensure all submissions, including promotional ones, meet the guidelines. Hence before you really get down to it, it is highly recommended that you contact our editors at to give them a brief idea about what you want to write about. If you are getting in touch with them for the first time, be sure to establish your credentials. Due to the high volume of submission requests, it is not feasible for us to respond to every email, but your submissions on technology write for us are highly valued. Do not start working on your submission until you hear back from us. If we maintain complete radio silence, chances are that we just might not be interested in your technology topics!
  • Make sure your content is unique and relevant to the latest in technology news and tech discourse.: We frown on plagiarism! There are hundreds of tools out there that allow articles to be checked against plagiaristic activities and we are aware of almost all of them! If by any chance you want to re-post your original work on our site that has already been published elsewhere, please do let us know beforehand. Chances are that we might not be interested, but exceptions can always be made for truly qualified individuals or a highly trending topic.
  • Your article should engage our wide audience of tech enthusiasts and keep them informed with the latest technology write for us is intended for well-informed millennials with an enthusiasm for technology and your work should appeal to them, especially if it’s about new technology topics. We are somewhat relaxed on the style guidelines per se, however if you can bring a ‘human’ voice to your well-researched article while incorporating a sense of humor, it will be greatly appreciated by tech specialists. Although you are expected to express your personal opinion, make sure you are able to back it up with cold-hard facts and site your sources wherever appropriate, particularly for topics related to tech research online. Use visual tools like pictures, screenshots or even videos. The articles we publish typically tend to be at least 1000 words in length and must be formatted properly, so be warned that our editors will never clean up your mess for you! Articles must be original to be considered.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to share your expertise or an aspiring writer eager to establish yourself in the tech industry, we welcome you to submit your guest post. Our technology guest post sites provide a platform for tech writers and enthusiasts to share their insights on the latest developments in artificial intelligence, analytics, software development, mobile apps, and other top emerging technologies.

By contributing well-researched posts on these tech topics, you can reach a community of tech enthusiasts, showcase your expertise in the tech domain, and gain valuable backlinks. We currently accepting guest posts that delve into the ever-evolving world of data and technology, allowing contributors to share unique perspectives and insights on the latest trends.

Our submission guidelines to write for us are designed to ensure that every article delivers value to our readers and expands our tech community. The editorial team will review the article for relevance, originality, and adherence to our guidelines before it is published. While we reserve the right to make minor edits, we encourage you to submit your best work, especially if it includes insightful technology news and follows best practices.

Join our creator community and be part of a platform that delivers engaging content to technology enthusiasts worldwide. Publish your article today! Explore the world of tech with us and share your expertise and insights. Together, let’s navigate the digital transformation and emerging trends in the tech world by contributing to technology blogs and discussing a range of topics.

I am so thrilled that you are still reading this, which means you are still interested in this free guest post opportunity. Publish your article and share your tech insights.

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