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Is TVMuse Working? 100% Working TVMuse Alternatives And Mirror Sites In 2023


In the very first week of 2019, the TVMuse website was down as confirmed by a TVMuse user who was closely following episodes on the TVMuse website for a very long time. Then another breaking news came from the viewers that TVMuse has lost its domain rights and they have redirected their services to a different website.

It is shocking news among the customers who have deep trust and faith in TVMuse services. Presently, TVMuse.com and TVMuse.eu have been shut down. The reason behind their closing is completely unknown to users yet this is why users are using movie streaming websites like Cucirca to watch their favorite movies and TV shows.          

New Website Of TVMuse 

On the bottom side of the TVMuse.com website, it was mentioned that “We have lost the domain and we are trying to recover the database. In a few days, the website will be back. In the meanwhile, you can visit our new site i.e. TVMuse.cc”.

With limited content on the new domain, the new website is presently in working condition. It has similar features, content, and functionality features as the previous domain offers. Also, they have proffer an additional feature of the Request form. By filling out this request form, the user can ask for their favorite show or movie. And on the demand of the customer, the TVMuse employees will upload the video/show/serial, etc. on the new domain i.e. TVMuse.cc.

The TVMuse team is being reliable and trustworthy to the customers. They give answers to every customer comment and feedback. Even though, the Facebook and Twitter pages of TVMuse are still the previous ones that are being in operation for the last three years. There is no breakdown in the pages and even no new page from the new domain has been created on the social media platform.

There was being a rumor that TVMuse has been shut down due to copyright issues or financial losses. But, the reality is that the TVMuse website was not entirely illegal as they didn’t have posted any host pirated movies or TV shows on their website. Instead of it, they have put links that navigate to another website which directly means that TVMuse act as a video search engine website.  

What Are Mirror Sites?

In the digital marketing business, it is very common that the URL or domain of a website has been turned down due to the legal or copyright issues claimed by a third-party. It makes the viewers give a second thought about the website owners and other things. But, in reality, all the persons working on that specific domain use to copy all the database and content from the old URL to the new URL.

It simply means the change of address from one website to another. Apart from it, nothing else does change regarding the content, features or functionality. Only the design and color of the website does get impacted. If we are talking in the technical language, they have defined it as a mirror site. PirateBay is one of the leading pirate torrent websites that handle hundreds of such mirror sites.                                

                            Figure 2: Best Alternative Sites of TVMuse 

Alternative Sites 

In today’s highly competitive world, it is natural to steal the content from a website and publish it on another URL/website at a low cost and with degraded quality. The basic aim is to get several customers that result in more business and a higher percentage of revenue earning. Due to the fraud and illegal acts, the customers get dissatisfied with the streamlining services of content.

In the case of TVMuse, many of the disappointed users went to the duckie.tv website for tracking the shows. While other users use Sockshare to watch and save TV shows. Similarly, there were ShowBox and MovieBox that also went well and were able to attract the customers. Soon, they also went into trouble with copyright issues. It is also coming to hear that they were threatened by Hollywood content creators too, for illegally streamlining their content on their website.

There are many alternatives to TVMuse which are having the same functionality features as of TVMuse. Most of the below-mentioned websites provide an HD quality view for streamlining the content.

Let’s have a view over the video streamlining services that are presently working in today’s market. Most of them offer free services to the users following with a registration process:

1. GoMovies

If you are willing to watch a movie in HD quality i.e. 720 pixels, then GoMovies is the best one to go with. You can easily watch the latest movies without undergoing any registration process and charges. The user-interference of GoMovies is highly excellent. You can easily navigate the entire website without any external help or guider.

The server is never a problem while using this website. You will be streamlined to other servers such as Streammango, VidCloud, and Openload, etc. for streamlining the videos. The only negative aspect of using the website is that you have to undergo a lot of pop-ups and advertisements while viewing the videos. Many times, the viewers lose their interest in watching due to these disturbances. It ultimately results in the loss of a customer from the business.

The link of the website is https://www.gomovies.sc                                 

                                               Figure 3: GoMovies 

2. WatchEpisodes 

As per the name, the website is entirely dedicated to TV serials. For viewing the latest serials, shows, and movies, it is the best website to view. According to your mood, you can apply filters for viewing distinct comedy shows, adventure, fantasy, action, thriller, etc. You will hardly find any series that is missing on the WatchEpisodes.

If it is missing, then definitely they have put the link of another website through which you can view the series. You will never go dissatisfied after reaching this website. In terms of video quality, without any external pop-ups and latest videos, it is the best one to go for series watching.

The link of the website is https://www.watchepisodes4.com


                                             Figure 4: WatchEpisodes 

3. SideReel 

With having more than 20 million customers, it is one of the most popular websites among TV serial fans and movie viewers. For watching animes, movies, and shows, it is a common platform to view. The best thing about SideReel is that it provides the user the facility to rate and review a particular episode or TV serial.

By going through the comments, the customers can easily judge whether to start with the specific serial, show, movie or not. The reviews and ratings help the customer a lot for judging whether to watch the specific series, show or serial or not. Apart from it, daily episodes, movies, and serials have been uploaded on the platform.

It makes the viewer’s curiosity and gets engaged with the website for surfing the latest content. You can easily watch the recent upload on the home page of the website. 

You can view the website by clicking on the link https://www.sidereel.com


                                                Figure 5: Sidereel 

4. 123Movies Time

With a lot of distinct features and functionality, you can watch the quality videos through HD, SD and CAM media players. On the menu bar, there is a request section too that permits to watch the missed video or TV shows.

For availing extra features of the website you need to register an account without paying any charges. A few buffering at the time of video loading could be a minor issue with this website. Anime videos is an additional functionality feature of this website.

You can view the website by clicking on the URL https://123moviestime.com


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                                      Figure 6: 123 Movie Time 

5. Series-Top

The unique feature of the Series-Top website is they don’t provide video on their website. Instead of it, they provide links to the website such as Streammango, vshare etc for streamlining the videos. For viewing all the episodes and shows of any serial, this is an ideal website.

It is a completely free website and for a more personalized experience, you need to create an account on the website. The website has a huge collection of new series. By browsing content, only you will face the issue of multiple numbers of ads gets displayed. Besides, the buffering time is almost negotiable if you are having good internet connectivity.

The link that redirect to the website is https://srstop.online

6. The Watch Series 

With no restriction on a number of views, this website is freely streaming the videos. TheWatchSeries provides several options for viewing TV shows, comedy, serials, etc. On the external servers, the website is being dependent.

Therefore, you won’t be able to view any content directly on the website. With its compact user-interference and too many ads, this website is an okay option for the customers. Many times, it becomes frustrating or irritating enough to get redirected to ads which you are not interested in watching.

The link to the website is www.watchserieshd.tv.


                                             Figure 7: Watch Series 

7. Couchtuner 

Couchtuner is one of the most reputed websites for watching TV channels and movies that don’t focus on TV serials. There are no links that redirect to other websites while using this website. If you are a big fan of Fox, HBO, BET, etc. then it’s the best one to go with.

With no hassles and easy to use, this website is completely developed to fulfill all the demands of the customer. The website doesn’t charge any amount from its customers for viewing the content. Only you need to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for accessing the website at the very first time.

The link for the Couchtuner site is https://couchtunerweb.site/

                                                                                    Figure 8: Pluto TV 

8. Snagfilms 

With multiple numbers of options to view from the documentary, news, historical movies, and TV shows, Snagfilms offers a complete package for the TV serials and movie fans. The exclusive feature of Snagfilms is that they are having an application that supports the iOS and Android platforms.

Only you need a strong internet connection for streamlining the content on Snagfilms website as well as on the application. While having a very good user-interference, the Snagfilms provides decent content to the viewers.

The URL for navigating to the website is https://www.snagfilms.com

                                                             Figure 9: Snagfilms 

9. Sony Crackle

Having the hands of the biggest brand of Sony Entertainment, the Sony crackle doesn’t leave any scope to make the customer feel dishearten. With all the positive aspects, the website is the best fit for US users as it requires VPN (Virtual Private Network) for its access.

For the users having a wireless internet connection, might be it may sadden you as it requires good connectivity. The website has a huge number of blockbuster films that are not older for more than a year. Free away from the hassles of registering your account and paying money for accessing the content of the website, Sony crackle is an ideal website to view the content without any ads and breakage points. The quality of content is also of HD format.

The link of Sony crackle website is www.crackle.com

                                             Figure 10: Sony Crackle 

10. Sharemovies.net 

Sharemovies has a huge library of movies and TV shows. Even though, you will be able to find the TV show of 2000 on this website. Most of the content displayed on the website are in HD format. Only the very old movies will not be in the HD format.

The site gives complete freedom to the users to watch an unlimited number of serials without any costing or undergoing the registration process. At most of the location, the website do works without any buffering or internet connectivity issues. The website doesn’t give the right to download a video if a viewer wants to. These rights are preserved to only third-party download managers.


                                            Figure 11: Share Movies 


HBOGO is run by an American Premium Cable Network operator HBO. The viewers can entertain themselves by watching sports, films, and movies through this channel. You can easily watch the premiers of the most wanted shows such as Games of Thrones, My Brilliant Friend and many more.

On a weekly basis, the site offers new movies, events and other exciting news related to the TV series or shows. The most advanced feature of daily recommendation as per the search history of the viewer is the exciting functionality feature of the site.                                                                        Figure 12: HBOGO 

12. Tubi TV 

From the latest news release, TV shows, anime TV series and what not you can view 12,000 titles movies and TV shows through this platform. Being a cross-platform site, you can access it through Android, iOS, Fire TV, Smart TVs, Web, Play Station, and Apple TV platform too.

Tubi TV provides the largest video streamlining services at free of cost to the customers. Tubi TV has a high rating on IMDb as you can watch the content as per your time-convenience. 

It is a 100% legal website and offers very high-quality videos.    

                                                                                 Figure 13: Tubi TV

13. Yidio

It is a search engine website that allows you to track videos, shows, and movies from 70 distinct sources. Yideo provides a single interface to all the streamlining websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, etc.

Being a user-friendly website, it is a cross-platform website. Having the feature of a universal search box, you can easily search the video by putting its title name. It saves the time of the viewer to browse through different content and select what to finally view.                          

                                                                                                 Figure 14: Yideo

14. Yip TV

Being one of the largest Television platforms, you can watch live TV, sports and unlimited movies on Yip TV. The viewers have a vast choice to select the TV channel as the platform proffers more than 200 TV channels of distinct categories.

Through the smartphones, TVs, PCs, tablets, Game Consoles and STB screens you can enjoy the streamlined content. The broadcast and content provider persons can also avail the facility of live TV through this channel at free of cost.                                                      Figure 15: Yip TV 

15. Vumoo

For movie lovers, this website is the stop-down as it offers hundreds of movie titles and blockbuster. Apart from the movies, it also provides a TV series that can be watched anytime.

With a large number of unique features, the best feature is the ratings and reviews that a viewer can give to a particular movie. Vumoo has only one back-draw as it doesn’t have categorized the movies properly as per the release date and genre. 


                                                Figure 16: Vumoo 


The most important thing to learn from the scenario of TVMuse is to never make the business through the illegal ways of streamlining the websites illegally. There are many popular video streaming content providers in the market such as Rainerland to stream free movies.

Some of them are legal while others are illegal. But, the business of illegal business gets stop down after a very short span of period. Therefore, it is always better to rise the business slowly and steadily by adopting legal actions and activities.