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17 Working TheWatchSeries Alternatives in 2022


TheWatchSeries is among the best and topmost used video streaming websites. However, it may sound heartbreaking to some, but the future of this site doesn’t look good.

This website has been shut down because of its illegal pirated content. Moreover, if you somehow manage to find the website, it will create trouble for you to use it because of the numerous redirect links.

Search issues have left the users with the problem of finding alternatives for this website. But don’t sweat, we got you covered. We have completed our hunt for alternatives and tracked down the best 17 ones for you.

These websites are more than enough and give a tough competition to TheWatchseries with their fascinating and fast services. So stay tuned and find out the top 17 working alternatives for unlimited entertainment and fun.

Top Alternatives For TheWatchSeries in 2022 – 100% Working

1. TubiTv

The first on the list of TheWatchseries alternatives is TubiTv. This website is surely going to attract you with its super easy interface and navigation.

The variety of streaming movies and series on this website is also catching. And you get to watch everything for free without having to register or sign up.

This platform is ad-supported, so, naturally, they will show up. But the good thing is that these ads are very less in numbers and don’t show up one the playback starts. Tubi tv is a perfect buddy for you to call it a movie night.

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2. SideReel

Side reel is another popular platform for streaming video content. You can find almost any movie or TV series on this platform, including the latest releases of 2022.

This site is absolutely safe to use and has over millions of users. It also displays ratings of the movies and shows, allowing you to decide your next movie or show easily.

You can find different interesting categories of movies and series divided under different categories like popular, trending, latest, and so on.

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3. LiveStation

LiveStation is a unique alternative for TheWatchseries website. The reason that makes it unique is the availability of life news, justifying its name as well.

Along with news, you can also find movies and series on this website and access everything for free. You do not have to spend a single penny as this website is ad-supported.

And won’t be an annoying factor with this website as they are less in numbers. Plus, the interface is also quite easy and user friendly.

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4. PrimeWire 

The minimum number of ads, free access to all the movies and TV series, simple navigation, and straightforward interface makes Primewire a desirable alternative for WatchSeries.to.

It has almost all of the old classics and legendary shows, along with the latest releases of 2022. Use it once, and you may get addicted to this website. However, one little drawback of this website is that you can only watch the content in 360 p for free.

If you want to have access to the HD content, then you will have to register and pay for the premium version, however, you can stream on Sockshare for free if you want to save some money.

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5. YesMovies 

Yesmovies is somewhat similar to Primewire in terms of interface and navigation. This is one of the best The Watch Series alternatives and has a straightforward interface.

However, the content on this platform is pretty unique and different.

If you are into experiencing and exploring new content for entertainment, then this website is totally made for you. Ads again won’t be a problem on this website are they don’t show up once the playback starts.

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6. TVMuse 

You will certainly be amused to hear about TVmuse as it is almost like a doppelganger of the TV. It proffers a wide variety of TV shows and movies that you can watch for free.

This alternative for the watch series website will certainly get you hooked and keep you updated with the entertainment world. You may find yourself suggesting this website to all your peers after using it once.

Ads on this website can be a little bit of the cause for annoyance as it redirects you to different links. However, they will not bother you once the playback begins.

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7. BMovies

BMovies is a popular name in the world of movies and TV shows streaming platforms. The reason for its popularity is basically its user-friendly interface, along with the options to watch thousands of different content.

Video content from different countries is accessible on this platform. It is an ad-supported website which states the presence of ads. However, you will not face much trouble with ads as they are not used in numbers, plus they don’t show up after starting the playback.

This website allows you to explore the unknown and also catch up with the latest and trendings. It is a perfect choice for all movie and TV series lovers.

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8. Kanopy 

Kanopy is more of an educational and knowledgeable video streaming platform, which is very much in demand these days.

It was founded in 2008. It offers a variety of movies and documentaries that are both entertaining and informative. Some of the movie options available are Amy, Lady Bird, The Central Park Five, Meru, First Reformed, and so on.

However, most of the content on this website is paid. The website also offers insights on the plot, and its application is also available to download from the Google Play store.

This website is undoubtedly different from regular movie streaming websites, which makes it even more exciting to use.

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9. CmoviesHD

CmoviesHD is a trending website that has gained millions of users worldwide. This website is absolutely free to use and offers content in various languages with subtitles.

The quality of the content is available from 360p to HD quality. The only thing wrong with this website is that it sometimes redirects you to other links to watch the content, leading to more ads.

On the bright side, the ads do not show up after you have started the clip. Navigating this website is also easy, and it is unlikely that you will have difficulties with that.

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10. Hoopla 

Another WatchSeries.to replacement is Hoopla. As the name sounds interesting, and so is the website. It offers free content of various genres.

Rom-coms, sad emos, dramas, thriller, suspense, sci-fi, documentaries, and so on are all available on this website. It will surely take you to a fantastic roller coaster ride of loads of entertainment.

You can use this website for hours without facing any problem, making it perfect for binge-watching. Yes, ads are there, but not to an extent where you start to get annoying.

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11. The Roku Channel 

The Roku channel is another very classy purple-themed website that looks paid but is free. You can watch thousands of movies and TV series with the help of the Roku channel. It serves as one of the best alternatives to Watchseries TV.

Having access to the latest news is also possible with this website. You can also opt for the premium option for a better version, but it is not compulsory.

The number of ads is also minimal and close to zero. It also offers free usages to Live TV, making this website ten times more desirable. All in all, this website is totally worth a shot.

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12. KissAsian

As the name suggests, KissAsian is richer in Asian content like Asian Dramas, Asian movies, or animés. All of the major hits and currently running TV shows can be easily found on this platform.

Itaewon Class, Hotel De Luna, Legends Of The Blue Sea, Uncontrollably Fond, Boys over Flowers, Goblin, My little Princess, Full House, Train to Busan, Parasite or any other movie or drama is easily accessible on this website.

You can also find some Western entertainment on this website, but overall it is more preferred for its Asian content. Did I forget to mention that it is absolutely free?

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13. Rainerland 

RainerlandA person may search for movies found online and literally and up with all the movies found online with the help of the website Rainerland. This website offers numerous movies and TV series to watch absolutely free.

The varieties are so huge that you can find content from various different countries in various different languages along with subtitles. Ads won’t be an issue with this website as they are minimal in number. Using this website is a child’s play with its easy navigation and interface. Overall, the website is perfect to be called an alternative for Thewatchseries

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14. Internet Archive 

Internet archive is one of the easiest ways to access numerous movies and series online for free.

Not only for movies and series, but you can also find e-books and music on this platform. The website also offers ratings and reviews that help you gain a little insight into what you are going to watch.

You can also download video content from this website. You can also change the category suggestions according to your taste through the filter options.

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15. Popcornflix  

Another excellent alternative for thewatchseries is Popcornflix. It is absolutely free to use with no registration process or anything of that matter.

This safe to use website has numerous genres available that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. The navigation and interface are so classy that one may mistake it for a paid website.

You get movies and series divided into various categories such as new arrivals, most popular, staff picks, and so on. Popcornflix also creates its originals that are super interesting and fun to watch.

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16. Couchtuner  

A list of sites that allow movies and TV series streaming is always incomplete without the mention of Couchtuner. This website allows you to watch numerous movies absolutely free.

You don’t even have to go through any kind of registration process for using this website. Ads do not show up once the playback starts. Navigating this website is also pretty simple. It offers a straightforward interface with the search bar on top, and below it are the trending movies and series displayed.

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17. Crunchyroll 

Crunchyroll is a blessing for weebs (animé fans). Top animés like Death Note, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, Tokyo Ghoul, Detective Conan, One Piece, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and so on are all available on this website for free.

The variety is so vast that you can easily explore the new ones or stick to the old classics. Plus, also with animés, it also allows free access to numerous dramas. Navigating this website is also extremely easy, and the number of ads is minimal.

This website has over 60 million users, out of which 2.6 million have paid and opted for the premium version that enables them to see the content in even better quality with absolutely no ads.

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Final Note

These were the must-try websites and perfect alternatives to the Thewatchseries website. The variations that the platforms offer are overwhelming. You can have free entertainment of suspense, horror, or anything you desire with the help of these fantastic websites.


1. Is TheWatchSeries Website Currently Out Of Service?

Yes, the platform is currently out of service. It is banned in various countries due to copyright infringement. Many users try to look for mirror links or they use TV muse for movie streaming or any other site that is available in their region.

2. What Service Did TheWatchseries Platform Offer?

The incredible platform provided tons of TV shows and movies for its users. All the content was free to watch. With a stable internet connection, you could explore top content with this platform anywhere anytime.

The site offered easy navigation and provided different categories to look for your favorite movies and shows even more comfortably.

3. Are There Any Alternatives To This Platform?

Yes, there are several alternatives to Watchseries TV such as Putlocker, Cucirca, etc.  Go through them and look for the best one that caters to your hunger for watching new content.