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10+ Best Couchtuner Alternatives That Actually Work in 2023


Friends on Netflix and Game of Thrones on Prime. Tired of having to constantly switch between online streaming service providers to catch your favorite TV shows and movies?

Couchtuner has over the years emerged as a great way to kick-back, relax, and catch all the TV entertainment in one place. What made Couchtuner such a huge success is the speed at which most users could stream their favorite videos online, and needless to say, not having to pay a dime for their service.

Couchtuner brings together TV content from a number of media publications and networks like HBO, Warner Brothers (WB), Turner, CNN, Otto Media, Comedy Central, and others. Essentially, if it’s on TV, then it can be watched on Couchtuner from a PC or mobile device. The best part about the service is that it saves you time having to switch between multiple apps or online streaming services.

So How Does This Actually Work?

So how does an open-source video streaming provider like Couchtuner manage to do this? Unlike conventional paid streaming service providers like Netflix movie streaming websites like TV Muse and Thewatchseries don’t actually have ownership or copyright on the videos it makes public. The content is essentially hosted on third-party peer servers and streamed through the Couchtuner app.

Owing to the legal complexity of Couchtuner’s streaming service, users are increasingly complaining of not being able to access their favorite videos online. There could be a number of reasons for this, but undoubtedly the main one has to do with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocking access to their service.

If you find yourself in this situation, you could try downloading a VPN (a virtual private network). What a VPN essentially does is it hides your network IP thereby making it difficult or near impossible to detect your device on the internet. Although this would seemingly be a relatively easy solution, you could always switch to another free streaming service which is currently not under the radar.

Thanks to the easy availability of free streaming service providers in the market, finding Couchtuner alternatives is a walk in the park. The easy availability of providers makes finding the right Couchtuner alternative a task in itself. Keep in mind that the service is for free, but as the old adage goes, “nothing worthwhile in life is ever free.” This article aims to help you with an updated list of the top Couchtuner alternatives that actually work.

Solar Movie

One looks at reviews online and it’s clear which streaming service is repeatedly coming ahead of other providers out there. SolarMovie is a great alternative to Couchtuner. The service lists the latest movies and TV shows and boasts of a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface. Users can sort through movies and TV shows based on genre, the language of origin, ratings on IMDb, and top-rated series and movies on the platform.

The unique “Request” feature allows users to get access to the latest upcoming content or on-demand series. The platform allows users to register and login to their account. Once logged in, users have a number of features at their disposal. Don’t have time to binge-watch your favorite series? Simply save the content for a later time. You can also rate movies and add comments based on your watching experience.

The registration process is free of cost and can be done in a jiffy using your Google or Facebook account.


If you are looking for a non-nonsense video streaming service that provides a hassle-free experience, Rainierland is the way to go. Like most other video streaming services in this list, Rainierland lets you enjoy all the premium video streaming experiences without pinching your wallet. For more, users who’ve been using Couchtuner and are accustomed to the overall interface will find Rainierland rather refreshing.

The idea behind the development of Rainierland was to give users of Couchtuner a seamless transition. If you are looking for a video streaming service and couldn’t be bothered to experiment, then Rainierland is hands down the service you should consider.


Put Locker is another great alternative to Couchtuner and has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a decent streaming service. One look at the user interface, and you’d be instantly drawn to the simplistic nature of the overall layout.

Users who are familiar with other streaming apps will feel right at home with the overall design and functionality. Put Locker regularly updates its movie and TV show list with the latest Hollywood releases. What’s more, you will find a number of shows and movies streaming in foreign languages like Japanese, Korean, Hindi, French, and more.


Primewire is another great video streaming website that lets you watch the latest movies and TV shows on the go. Users who are used to watching movies on Couchtuner will find themselves comfortably familiar with this service. The service lets you view the latest prime-time episodes of popular TV shows and also provides a list of movies that were recently added to the library.

Like other streaming sites, Primewire lets you sift through listings with its clearly visible star rating system. For your safety online, we recommend that you read the user terms of engagement carefully before you begin streaming.


If you’ve used Couchtuner before, you’ll feel right at home with Flixtor. The UI is, once again, strikingly similar and users will be relieved of the no AD policy that the streaming site espouses. Here you will find a huge database of the latest movies along with a number of classic mentions. What you will find most appealing is the fact that you won’t find a single ad on the entire platform. Like other streaming sites, Flixtor lets you have access to most of its content for free.

Although, it’s important to note that there is a paid subscription that allows additional features. The free version is sufficient enough to satiate most movie and TV cravings.

AZ Movies

One look at the interface, and you might be tricked into believing that the streaming provider is a paid one. The clean interface and overall well-designed video thumbnails are pleasing to the eye and have an air of premiumness. The streaming site has been inspired by movie buffs whose vision it was to share their love for cinema with the rest of the world.

This is apparent with the streaming of the old movie in their library, i.e. Charlie Chaplin in the year 1915.


Like previous online streaming sites, Moviewatcher is another great alternative for Couchtuner. It has a wide variety of video collections – from the incredibly rare to the latest releases. The streaming provider boasts of a fantastic user interface, which is easy to use, sift through, or search. The search filter lets you search for movies and TV shows based on genre, popularity, or ratings.

Like Couchtuner, Moviewatcher doesn’t require user registration, which is great for entertainment buffs who can get started with their favorite shows almost immediately.

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Another fantastic Couchtuner alternative that gets the job done with flying colors is MoviesJoy. Like with other streaming platforms, MoviesJoy provides a huge database of the latest movies and TV shows. Like with Couchtuner, the app is free to use and does not require a signup to access all the entertaining content. Users have the option to filter their search based on various parameters like genre, release year, country, IMDb ratings, and more.

Additionally, the app gives users suggestions based on view history, most popular and videos being watched. As per the company’s policy, it does not run popup ads or programs that hamper the performance of the website.


If you are into minimalistic designs and a simple UI, then look no further than StreamLikers. Considering that its one of the oldest players on the list, it also makes it one of the most reliable alternatives around. The streaming provider has one of the largest libraries of content collected over the years. Like other sites, users will enjoy the free and seamless experience with zero popup ads or heavy programs running in the background.

The site has a hover feature that gives details to users about the video in question by simply hovering the mouse or finger over the video thumbnail.


123moviesHub is a sister concern of the video streaming giant 123movies. The streaming provider boasts of being one of the oldest thereby making it one with the highest traffic. With the shutting down of 123movies, the site is taking up the mantle of cross-sharing video content online. Like its predecessor, 123moviesHub has an excellent user interface which makes surfing through the website effortless and entertaining.

To gain access to video content, users must register and login to the streaming service. Not doing so will limit you to video trailers and show samples. Like other sites, 123moviesHub does not have advertisements and annoying promotional pop-ups.


If you are looking for Indian video content, MovieRulz is undoubtedly one of the best streaming sites on the internet today. The site streams Tamil, Andhra, Telugu and Bollywood movies. The site also gives you the option to download movies through a torrent client, which is a handy add-on feature. Like other streaming providers, MovieRulz has a clean interface and users can search through various search parameters with ease.

Another great feature is that the site lets you download music within a week from its release date, although the library may be limited to certain Indian languages. For users on the go, the provider also has an app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS.


Alluc is another fantastic Couchtuner alternative that works wonders. The video streaming provider boasts of providing the latest movies within the shortest time period from the date of release. You might even find yourself in a situation where you are watching a movie on Alluc and the same movie is screening in your nearby movie theater. Like other providers, the interface is minimalistic and easy to browse through.

The “trending now” feature lets you know videos that are being watched by a significant number of people. Additionally, the platform gives recommendations of videos based on the history of videos watched. The app is free from annoying pop-up ads that distract you from all the entertainment that the site has to offer.


Users not looking to compromise on video quality and are expecting nothing other than the best HD video streaming service should consider Crackle. The streaming service provider has an amazing database of HD video content ensuring the best user experience. Users will be pleasantly surprised to find almost all the latest movies and TV series available here. Among its benefits, new users need not be bothered with signing up for the service.

Unfortunately, Crackle is only available in some parts of the world and is limited in the services provided to users from some countries. If you happen to be from the select few countries, you will be lucky enough to enjoy great video streaming services at no additional costs.


Another excellent alternative to Couchtuner is HULU. The streaming provider has a huge database of movies and TV shows, thanks to its joint venture with The Walt Disney Company. The subscription-based service is constantly growing with over 20 million subscribers within the first year. If you are looking for a high-quality, user-friendly alternative to Couchtuner, then you need not look any further.

Hulu has all the features you’ve come to expect from a great video streaming provider and is sure to tick all the boxes to satiate your deepest entertainment cravings.

Final Thoughts

Couchtuner has over the years been a reliable and high-quality video streaming service for many. However, in recent years, there have been multiple reports of quality issues like bugs and harmful malware that have hit this once dependable company. These issues have resulted in the website not receiving the same level of traffic it did a few years ago.

If you’ve been a constant follower of Couchtuner in the past, this news would have come as a major disappointment with questions like, “what happened to Couchtuner?” After all, it has been a source of entertainment for many over the years. Nevertheless, you have nothing to worry about if you are looking for alternatives because Sockshare, Putlocker, etc are easily accessible.

Our list of providers above will give you pleasantly of choices for alternatives that are as good as or perhaps better than Couchtuner. Although some of the websites do require registration and login to access their video content, this simple step is no big deal considering what you get in return.