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SockShare – Is it Working? 22 Best Alternatives in 2022


Sockshare is a video streaming platform. It allows users to have unlimited entertainment with dozens of genre varieties and numerous movie and series options. YOu can watch Animé, cartoons, sci-fi, horrors, and every other category that can be found easily on Sockshare movies. Sure, it is a full package, but wouldn’t it be even greater if you could find more sites like Sockshare, maybe even better? For instance, there’s TV Muse which is a perfect site for casual viewers.

Also, this movie site has shut down in the past and can again because of pirated content. So, for such reasons, we have prepared a list of 22 best alternatives that will help you in magnifying your movie experience and entertainment.

22 Best Sockshare Alternatives in 2022


PrimeWire is a popular streaming website. The reason for its popularity is the ample amount of different genres available. You will always find your type of content and entertainment with this website.

Like Sockshare free movies, this website is free as well. You don’t even have to go through registrations or sign up. The interface of this website is also pretty simple and straightforward.

You can find the search bar on the homepage and use it without any trouble. Pops up are close to zero.

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With millions of monthly users, the solarmovie website has made its space in the long run. This free website is full of entertainment.

The categories are huge that can take you to a rollercoaster ride. One moment, you will be sobbing, and the other moment, you will be laughing hysterically with this website.

The ads are also limited, and the navigations are user friendly. You get the search bar and the list of trending on the homepage. You can also change this setting through filters.

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123movies will take you to the marathon of movies with its mind-blowing collection of films and TV series. From the old classics to the latest releases, everything can be found on this website.

This website is absolutely free and requires no kind of registration. You can simply visit it and start your journey of binge-watching.

Ads do pop up on this website, but not once the playback has started. You can also switch between the quality of the content with this website. Overall, this website is worth a shot.

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The name in itself declares that it is time to say yes to movies. This sockshare alternative allows access to High-Quality films and TV series. And as a bonus point, everything on yesmovies is free.

You can easily watch Asian Dramas like Ghost or City Hunter and American Sitcoms like Friends or How I met your mother on this website. The movie range is also pretty impressive with options like Joker, Frozen 1&2, all the parts of Shrek and Sherlock Holmes, Parasite, and so on. The number of ads is also less in numbers.

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Putlocker is another perfect alternative for watching free movies and TV series. Its fame has constantly been rising because of its easy and straightforward interface along with the wide collection of content.

You find the search bar and the list of trending movies and series on the homepage. Even animé like Attack on Titan, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto Shippuden etcetera are available on this website.

Every popular TV series and movies like Friends, Game of Thrones, Money Heist, Star wars, Parasite, Scoob, and so on can be found on this website. The number of ads is also less so you can enjoy your movie without disturbance.

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6.Cmovies HD

CmoviesHD offers a variety of overwhelming content of movies and TV series. You can easily find almost every show and movie in the most exceptional quality on this website.

This website is also free to use and has pretty simple navigations. The interface is so classy that one may confuse it for a paid site.

However, there is one little drawback of this website. It redirects you to different links for ads every time you select something. But, on the positive side, there are no ads and redirects once the playback starts.

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7.Popcorn time

Get your popcorn ready because it’s popcorn time. It is one of the best sockshare alternatives and offers thousands of movies and series to watch for free.

Its application is also available to download. If you choose to use the app, then you can download the content as well, along with keeping track of what you have watched earlier.

This platform will help you in getting similar suggestions and recommendations suitable for your interest. Popcorn Time also offers reviews that provide a little insight that helps in deciding on what to watch.

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Rainerland is one of the biggest brands for movies and series streaming as well as downloading. The chances are that you already know about it. And in case you don’t, then it is a free platform that has the widest variety of content.

You can also watch popular TV shows like Stranger Things, Sex Education, To All The Boys I Have Loved Before, Dark etcetera that is loved by people all around the world. The navigations and interface are impressive.

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Popcorn time and Popcornflix are two different websites with similar names, so don’t get confused. Popcornflix offers access to stream numerous movies and TV series.

This website is super-fast and free. The navigation and interface are easily understandable. You get the options of new arrivals, most popular, staff picks, Popcornflix originals, and so on.

Yes, popcornflix also makes its own content like Stray bullet, Game Changer, The King of New Orleans, Adult Life Skills, and so on. The number of advertisements is also not much. Overall, this website is a perfect partner for movie nights.

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10. Go movies

Go movies cheers you are up to run a marathon of movies and TV series with the fantastic variety of entertaining content it offers.

Its interface and navigation are kind of similar to that of primewire. The number of ads is not huge, and they don’t show up after playback.

However, you can only watch the content in 360 p. To have access to HD quality content, you have to pay and choose the premium version. In conclusion, this site is a great choice if you are okay with non-HD content.

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11. Flixtor

Flixtor is a comparatively new website but is doing a fantastic job of gaining more and more monthly visitors. The reason is its vast collection of movies and TV series along with the simple and easy interface.

It is a free website and requires no compulsory registration. Most of the video content that this website has didn’t do very well in achieving fame but has the potential with the great theme and plot.

Ads are present on this website, but not to an extent where it starts annoying. If you are more into exploring new and different content, then this website is perfect for you.

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12. Fmovies

Fmovies is another good to go streaming platform for movies in TV series. Rom-com or sad emos, everything is available on this website.

You can easily use Fmovies because of its very simple and straightforward interface. Moreover, this site only displays the search bar on the home page. Besides that, you can also select the filter option from the top corner for suggestions.

Ads frequently pop up on this website, but they don’t take up the whole screen so you can easily ignore them. They can also show up during playback but take up only a little space on the top corner.

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13. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a paid video streaming website. Being a US company with millions of users, this ideal platform has a wide range of collections of movies and TV series.

Moreover, you also get access to Amazon free delivery and Amazon music if you make a purchase. Amazon has also produced its own originals that are a global hit.

A free monthly trial is also available so you can try this website on your own before finalizing a subscription.

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14. AZmovies

Just like the name says, AZ movies have an extensive collection of A to Z movies. The website is not very fancy looking and may not be very appealing in terms of interface, but as a fantastic variety and collection of entertaining content.

It is a free and safe website with straight forward navigations. You get the list of trending items along with the search bar on the homepage. Ads are pretty frequent on this website. However, on the bright side, they don’t show up once the playback begins.

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15. Bmovies

Bmovies should turn their name to A movies because of the classic content of entertainment they have and allow free access to.

All kinds of movies can be found on this website easily. The navigations and interface are also lovely and easy to understand/use. Ads do show up, and they sometimes can take up the whole screen. After all, it is an ad-supported website that allows free content.

There is no compulsory registration or sign up, but if you choose to register, then you can keep track of what you have watched, and the recommendations will show up accordingly.

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16. Couchtuner

What is more delightful than laying down relaxing on the couch and watching your favorite movie or TV show? You can easily have access to this comfort through the couchtuner website.

Couchtuner is a free video streaming website that allows users to watch movies and TV shows. Even cartoons and documentaries are available on this website. So, no matter what mood you are in, you will always find something like your taste on this website.

Ads do show up on this website, but not that frequently. This website is super comfortable in terms of navigation and interface.

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17. Subsmovies

Subsmovies is another movie and TV series streaming website that you can use continuously for us without facing any troubles.

This free to use website offers a variety of content such as Wolf, Psych 2, Greyhound, Military Wives, Hamilton, and so on.

Moreover, most of the material also has subtitles available.

The ads are also minimal on this website, making the navigations and interface pretty straightforward and easy. You can also send requests to this website in case you want a movie or show, and it is not available.

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18. 1Movies

1movies is another great website for streaming movies and TV series. This website has almost every release of 2020, such as Wendy, The Invisible Man, Guns Akimbo, Brahms: The Boy II, The turning, Gretel, and Hansel, Bad Boys for Life, Superman: Red Son, Villain and so on.

This website is absolutely free with easy to use navigations and straightforward interface. You get the list of popular shows and movies on the homepage. You can also find the search bar on the top corner.

Ads are also not much in numbers. However, you may have quality issues sometimes. Overall, this website is a perfect one for streaming movies and series.

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19. Zmovies

Zmovies is one more option to watch free movies and TV series online. You need no kind of registration to have access to Zmovies.

The content is also available from 360p to HD quality. The collection is also impressive, and the number of ads is not bothering at all.

You may not find every movie or series you want, but you can always find something of a similar theme on this website. Using this website is super easy with its user-friendly interface.

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20. Movie25

Another right choice for streaming movies and shows online for free is Movie25. With thousands of users, this website offers fantastic features and functions that make the movie experience much better.

You can filter the suggestions and recommendations and have access to a lot of different genres. Shows from different countries are available on this website and in high quality.

However, this website does have one drawback, which is the number of ads that make the website slow. You need to have some patience to run this website as the ads can pop up anytime and cover the whole screen.

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21. Movie4k

Movie4k offers free access to numerous movies and TV series in the best qualities. This website has been there in the long run with millions of users.

This website is safe to use and also has most of Netflix and Amazon prime originals. If you are someone who prefers HD content all the time, then this website is undoubtedly made for you.

The only demerits this website has is the number of ads that come through redirect links. These ads can be really annoying at times. However, they don’t show up once you have started with the movie or series.

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22. Hulu

Hulu is a paid platform for video streaming. It offers a free trial for up to 1 month. However, after that, you need to pay $12.99 per month for a subscription if you choose to continue.

The interface of this website is excellent, with different filter options. Furthermore, the navigations are also pretty simple with ease of use.

This website is also rich in terms of content. You can use the free one-month trial to make a judgment of your own regarding this streaming and downloading site.

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Some Final Words

So, these were the perfect alternatives for sockshare.net. Make sure to try your favorite ones from the description given, and get the best results or outcomes from them.

Besides these, there are more options like TheWatchSeries perfect for a movie night or binge-watching and chilling.

Now that you know and are aware of all these mind-blowing alternatives, you can easily find whatever movie or series you want to watch and have loads of free entertainment.


1. Is Sockshare An Illegal Platform?

Yes, Sockshare is a site that claims to be a legitimate website with a number of links pointing to different sources. It doesn’t have any content of its own. Thus, the owner doesn’t own the content and only links them to the various third-party sites.

2. Is Sockshare Safe To Use?

No, as the site was taken down in the past, and even if you found a valid link to open this platform, you would still need to switch to another platform in a few days. It is all because Sockshare is linked to different third-party links, no one can be sure of the safety once they click on the link. Thus, it is essential to be careful while you use this site as you may click on a malicious link that hampers the performance of your system rather than provide you with a reliable entertainment source.

3. Should I Still Use Sockshare?

Being a pirated site, Sockshare’s link keeps on changing, and thus, there are numerous mirror sites of this single site. These sites make Sock share quite vulnerable to use as there are unsafe links inside them that lead to unreliable third-party sites, which are either invalid or may affect your PC/computer in the worst way. It is recommended to try out the Cucirca a credible alternative to Sockshare and get the best movie time experience you deserve!