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4 Sectors Being Changed by the Tech and Mobile Revolution


Research says that 31% of people access the internet through their mobile devices. That shows how much penetration mobile technology has made, especially if you realize another study revealed that over four-fifths of adult Americans have a mobile phone.

No doubt, nearly everyone values the importance of a smartphone. But that’s not just for personal communication and use. Several sectors have also benefited from the growth in the mobile and tech sector.

This article focuses on the sectors that have been most impacted by the tech and mobile revolution.

Significant Sectors Being Shaped by the Tech and Mobile Revolution

No industry is stagnant in development. However, some have seen much more significant growth than others. Anyone who has taken time to study trends in the mobile and tech world might notice these industries are advancing at a rapid pace.

1. The Online Casino Industry

Alongside the gaming industry, no other sector has seen much more dramatic change than the online casino industry. With more and more smartphones being produced annually, many more people are choosing to play online casinos via their gadgets. Moreover, mobile games have also brought terms like ‘freemium’ into the world of traditional gaming. 

One of the ways to see the growth of this industry is in how easy it is for mobile app developers to enter the space and make a significant difference. More and more people play via their mobile phones daily, during lunch hour, while waiting for a train, etc. The online casino industry will keep changing the traditional gaming industry via its mobile and tech revolutions.

2. Home Automation

Here’s another highly impacted sector by the smart revolution. The home automation sector was projected to hit a market capitalization of $78.27 billion globally by 2022. Most of the developments in this sector are seen in home safety, security, and climate-friendly technologies that conserve energy and save money for the home keepers.

Companies are spending billions of US dollars investing in this sector, considering products like energy-saving items, wireless technology, surveillance technology, etc. What’s important about the home automation sector is it already has available technology supporting it. Companies only need to come together and merge existing technologies to produce goods and services for consumers’ needs.

3. Retail

The retail industry has also been impacted by the mobile and tech revolution over the last ten years. The initial successes of e-commerce sites like Alibaba and Amazon have posed a significant threat to brick-and-mortar stores, forcing many entrepreneurs to adopt new technologies.

However, the sector’s novelty has waned, and conventional retail stores are returning to normalcy. While e-commerce has reached staple status in the retail industry, that hasn’t stopped companies from introducing new technologies and innovations there.

For instance, retailers are increasingly using analytics to find strategic means of using the information in their hands. That helps them to personalize users’ shopping patterns and tailor their services to meet each potential customer’s tastes.

4. Travel

Finally, we have to note the impacts of the tech and mobile revolution on the travel industry. Much has been happening to aid speed, convenience, and personalization. First, the influx of sites like Airbnb, where securing trusted accommodation anywhere in the world has been simplified. Moreover, reserving airline flights is way easier from a mobile phone. Some airlines even let users use mobile phones as their boarding pass. 

Australian airlines have passports using biometric cloud technology, completely avoiding the need to go along with hard-copy booklets. This cloud technology verifies travelers’ identities by allowing them to swipe their fingers across a scanner. Sooner or later, this technology will expand globally.


The above sectors have been highly impacted by the revolution in the mobile and tech industries. In the casino industry, the revolution has significantly increased revenue and user engagement. Also, in the travel sector, travelers are getting more ease and comfort while moving from country to country.

Additionally, home automation and the retail industries have all seen significant developments with the development of the mobile and tech world at the speed of light. One can only imagine how much changes these innovations will inspire in the coming years.