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Are Most Gamers Gaming Online Today? 


Online gaming has taken the world by storm in recent years, with the attitudes, tastes, and demands that gamers have continually changing whilst they continue to look for the ultimate gaming experiences that are possible to achieve.

Naturally, there will be many that will feel that they will be able to receive these whilst playing connected to the internet, whilst there are some that will still suggest that online gaming is not all that it is cracked up to be and can take away from the overall gaming experiences that can be enjoyed.

Nonetheless, it must be said that the vast majority of players are now utilizing online services to enhance the sessions that they are playing and enjoying. As of 2022, it is estimated there are 2.9 billion online gamers worldwide, with countries in Asia leading the charge.

So, why are so many enjoying their favorite titles online? This article will explore some of the reasons why players are continuing to enjoy one of the most popular pastimes whilst connected to the internet.


One of the primary reasons that gamers are choosing to connect to the internet and game online is convenience. No longer do players have to wait for their friends to come over to enjoy some multiplayer action as it can all be accessed with just a few clicks. Similarly, those that want to battle against others from around the world can do so without having to leave their home, which is perfect for those that value their free time.

Indeed, those that enjoy a live casino game enjoy the convenience factor a lot, as they are able to play a quality wagering title without having to go to a physical venue like they had before.

Another element of convenience that has been made possible by online gaming is the ability to download games directly onto consoles and PCs rather than having to go out and purchase physical copies. This has led to a decrease in price for many titles as developers no longer have the same production costs, and it also means that gamers can get their hands on the latest releases much quicker.

Improved Graphics

When online gaming first started to become popular, there were concerns over the graphics that would be achievable due to the internet speeds that were available at the time. However, this is no longer a problem as technology has progressed to a point where even the most demanding games can be enjoyed without any issues. In fact, many gamers now believe that the graphics on offer are better than what was previously possible with offline gaming.

A wider variety of games

Another great reason to game online is that there is now a much wider variety of titles available than ever before. Not only are there more developers creating new IPs but thanks to the power of the internet, it is now easier than ever for them to get their games in front of a wider audience. This has led to a boom in the indie gaming scene as smaller developers are able to get their creations out there without having to go through the traditional channels.

Achievements and Leaderboards

One final reason that many gamers enjoy playing online is due to the sense of competition that it can provide. In most cases, when playing offline, the only person that you are really competing against is yourself as you try to better your own score or beat a personal best. However, when playing online there are leaderboards that show how you rank up against others from around the world which can lead to some intense moments. Similarly, many games now feature achievements that can be earned by completing certain tasks which give players another sense of accomplishment.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why gaming online has become so popular in recent years.