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Are Torrents Worth The Risk?


Torrents are a very popular way of downloading files that may not be easily available on the internet. Torrents are extremely favored and consist of a vast community of people that share these files. In fact, it is estimated that 30 million people on any given day share about 5 million torrent files. That is because of the ease of use and because it has no actual limitations. A file of any size can be sent without any issues.


Torrents work on a system known as Peer-to-Peer exchange networks. What this network basically does is transmits files saved on one person’s computer to another person’s computer.

To put this in simpler terms, imagine that you are downloading a torrent. What happens is you are connected to another downloaders computer and the content which you are downloading is taken from their computers. So there may be multiple computers with the same file, which will result in an extremely fast download. Similarly, if there are only a few other downloaders, you will face slow download rates because the file is not as easily available.


While it may sound like torrents are the solution to all your problems, there are many drawbacks related to them.

1. There are a lot of fake websites and spam content out there: Unless you are careful about your sources and the content you download you can end up with a lot of viruses and worms on your computer.

2. Your computer can be attacked/hacked: Your computer is open to the world, basically since you are on a P2P network your computer is easily accessible and this makes your computer vulnerable to attacks.

3. Torrents are a legal grey line: In some countries torrents are illegal and users may be liable to fines and other legal repercussions.

4. Finding Torrents is Difficult: There is no official directory or website that has torrents listed. You will have to manually use various search engines to track down torrents that you want. While newer and more popular files are readily available, older ones are extremely hard to find.

People generally use torrents to download movies and TV shows, and for the lack of a better alternative, they take the risks associated with torrents.


This is where Movie Box comes in. Movie Box gives users access to the latest movies and TV Shows, without any of the risks and hassles that are related to torrents. Movie Box is a readily available app that allows you to stream content if you wish or download and store it as well.

Torrents do not offer the flexibility that Movie Box does. With torrents you are forced to download all the files to your computer / phone, which might be tough for those who have limited space on their hard disk / storage drives. Movie Box on the other hand allows you to directly stream media. This is great for those who just want to watch a movie once, and do not plan on keeping the file for any longer than that. Yet, if they do plan on keeping the movie / TV show for later use, they can easily download the file without any issues.