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Best Gambling Anime You Should Know Sbout



Gambling is all about using psychological tricks, deception, and deception to get your opponent to believe—or not believe—what you’re going to do next. Gambling is a pretty exciting game in and of itself. Still, with all the intrigue and mind games that go on in an anime, which can make anything ten times more fascinating than it is, it becomes even more exciting. In anime, where characters’ lives occasionally depend on the game’s success, Australian real money pokies have even higher stakes. Here I have provided you with a list of the best gambling anime if you’re prepared for a fantastic journey through the world of animation themed on gambling. So, sharpen your strategy-making and tactical understanding and add that to your watchlist.

Joker Game

The anime series Joker Game has been adapted into both a book series and a motion picture. The television series is set in the 20th century, just as the world is ready to enter World War II. Even while Joker Game doesn’t always directly discuss gambling throughout the entire series, you will find several programs featuring poker and other games. So, in theory, you might classify a portion of this series as an anime gambling series. Joker Game’s first season aired from 2008 until 2016.

Kaji: The Ultimate Gambler  

A movie called Kaji: The Ultimate Gambler is based on the TV show Kaji: The Ultimate Survivor. When the movie debuted in October 2009, it earned favorable reviews from anime fans. Kaji decides that unlawful gambling is a workable alternative to waiting 10 years to pay off his debts. One of the finest gambling animes is this one.

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler 

You’re probably starting to realize that gambling is much more prevalent in anime than you might have imagined. Another illustration of this is Kakegurui, also referred to as Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler.

Kakegurui is still airing after debuting in 2014. In the television series, people at the top of the junior high are there more for their skill at gambling than for any other reason. Kakegurui: Cheating Allowed is a video game that is also available on online gambling in Australia Betsquare. The television show is available in a variety of languages.


Usogi is another gambling-related anime where you can witness gambling in action. This one centers on Baku, a figure known as “The Lie Eater,” who is the primary character and follows a gambling underworld. Baku and a few allies try to conquer the gaming industry in this anime series about gambling. The gaming in the series, which aired from 2006 to 2017, frequently included large sums of money.


Saki is a manga anime series that features gambling as a significant plot element. However, the show mainly concentrates on Mahjong, an extreme game in Japan and the rest of the world.

Whether Mahjong falls under the gambling category is debatable, but it shares many of the same concepts as other table games. And when playing with her family, the central protagonist would play for money. The manga shows for Saki ran from June 2011 to March 2018. The original Saki TV series aired from April to September 2009.

Hishouden Mahjong: Naki No Ryuu

Mahjong Hishouden: Naki No Ryuu is another Mahjong-themed gambling anime. Most of the series is devoted to this one game, and it offers some intriguing insights on how to outsmart your rivals and win games of a similar nature. The main character only competes against other criminals and employs the same move in every game. He goes by the name “Crying Dragon.” The series aired between 1985 and 1990 and is one of the older adults on our list.

The television series has evolved into several video games since it stopped airing. These came out in the latter half of the 20th century.

Prominent gambler Testuya

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya is another character in our gambling-related anime. This time, we’re going back to shortly after World War II since that’s when this series occurs. Mahjong is a significant theme in this series, just like other anime about gambling on our list.


These are some of the best gambling animes you can check out. So, if you are not a gambling pro, you can enjoy it by seeing these anime series.