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Blizzcon 2019 Is Around The Corner


Fans of gaming have been traveling around the world to the US for fourteen years in a row now to attend one of the most popular conventions available – Blizzcon. This is where a company called Activision Blizzard Entertainment releases their latest updates and makes big announcements for upcoming products, and usually offer a demo version to the ones that made it to California.

Blizzcon 2019 is just around the corner and there have been numerous „leaks“ going around when it comes to the most popular and anticipated games, especially for the e-sports scene as reported by bettingTips4You. There are many predictions online, but a big majority agrees that we are going to get at least four big announcements during the upcoming weekend. Diablo 4 and World of Warcraft expansion number ten are almost a certain thing, while some other projects have been teased but not yet confirmed. This goes for Overwatch 2. The initial game had a massive impact on the e-sports, and even sports betting industry because there was so much money spent in the US to franchise teams and buy licenses to compete in the biggest competitions. Fans can’t wait to hear more about rumoured, thirty-second hero added to the game called Echo, and maybe witness an annoucement about releasing Overwatch 2.

The sequel is supposed to release something really big – player versus the environment mode, where you don’t rely on playing with other players but rather going through a solo campaign. Of course there are going to be brand new maps, heroies and game modes included. The main focus is going to be on the actual story and narrative elements and the start of the solo campaign is supposedly set to start in Rio de Janeiro. This is where you are going to pick up the first mission. If we take a look the pattern Blizzard Entertainment had in the past, if they announce this game, there is going to be an option for Blizzcon attendees to try out the alpha version. Overwatch 1 is still very popular, but it has been decreaing for a while now, so a brand new game is surely going to help to the genre. Interestingly, this game was originally played to be called Project Titan, an MMO game, but company’s board has decided to shift things up. 

Diablo 4 fans had a disappointed during the last year’s convention, but they will surely give at least one more chance to Blizzard to make things right. There was an advertisement earlier this week in a popular gaming magazine called Game Star, including some book which tells a story of four games – Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Diablo 3 and Diablo 4. This almost confirms the announcement of the fourth part of this popular game. The same goes for World of Warcraft franchise. Blizzard achieved a massive success with releasing the Classic servers two months ago, but a big majority of players is just waiting to hear what is the tenth expansion of the most popular MMORPG going to be.

Heroes of the Storm has been abandoned by the team for a short time just to gather brand new team to work on it. In case you don’t know Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s version of a MOBA – Massive Online Battle Arena genre, which gained huge popularity when it comes to e-sports betting as well. Everyone is expecting to see brand new heroes for this game, and some big tournaments in the near future.