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Casino Based On Cloud Technology – It Is Possible Today


Cloud technologies have rapidly covered all theare as where computing power and networks are used. The company International Game Technology, specializing in the production of slot machines, reported on its development of a system for casinos based on the cloud platform AppLogic – IGT Cloud. Advantages of using the innovation are obvious – it is easier and cheaper to manage an enterprise using remote computing facilities, regardless of the type of activity. And in a casino, it will also allow you to quickly adapt the game set to the customer requirements.Traditional programs are often difficult to implement and cost much, and SaaS based on AppLogic promises to be easy to use and moderate in price.


In order to profit from the first cloud project in the casino sphere, it has been decided to unite three casinos in the best casino online in England. Thus, in London, Reading, Coventry and Grosvenor use cloud-based IGT technology, which allows each casino to select AVP games from the IGT library in real time.According to Simon Beechem, head of Grosven or electronic games, their cloud can help to evaluate game performance much faster, offering users the best and most advanced development of IGT games. For customers of the company, all the games that they just like will be available; hence, it will be enough to press one button to have the right choice made. Owing to the cloud technology, casinos will be able to generate the most accurate statistics as it will allow analyzing each of the games separately.

Seby Gill, vice president of EMEA, said that this was a revolutionary breakthrough since the introduction of the first cloud environment on the whole planet is a sign of technological progress of local institutions wishing to use the latest innovations in the field of information technology. The cloud will open before them the opportunity to optimize all games, thus, managing also their profitability.

Comfortable and Exciting Gambling

Gamblers are always looking for security and speed in the games. The latest trend in information technology – cloudcomputing – has enabled operators such as Microsoft, IBM, Google and Amazon to compete for primacy in associating themselves with this term.The online gambling industry also adopts this way of doing business; for example, the British operator Bet365 decreases the time spent on in-game bets thanks to the use of its own private “cloud.”Many of the services provided on a daily basis can be described as cloud computing, for example, sharing images via webmail or web-based games that are in the cloud.

Using the remote control service on the site will soon become more flexible, convenient, and less expensive. “The data storage service (“cloud “storage) is the trend of the future.” This statement today sounds plausible given that a large number of online gambling operators use the “cloud” every day. It has been suggested that casino games based on the “cloud” will not only help correct existing technical problems but also contribute to reducing the number of operator costs.