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Creating a Home Theater


Winter is a time when many people feel low. It can be easy to feel a little blue around this time of year and the shorter daylight hours can, in some cases, lead to seasonal affective disorder, where a type of depression is triggered by the changes in the season. 

Now that we’ve arrived at January, and with the festivities, family time, and food behind us, we’re heading into a long, dark month before things brighten up in the spring.

To get through the coming weeks, why not do something a little different? Instead of setting resolutions you might not keep or goals that you don’t feel up to achieving right now, try reimagining your home by introducing a home theater. This is a fun way to make film and TV watching a brand-new experience! Here.  We take you through how to do it.

Prep the electronics

You might want to use a projector onto a blank wall so that you have a big screen experience in your living room. Creating a designated cinema-mini-PC is also ideal if you want to avoid having to plug in different devices. It’s possible to set this up by using something like Rockchip, which is a single-board computer that allows you to create your own setup. 

Next, think about the sound. For the ultimate home cinema experience, surround sound is a great idea. This will make you feel like you’re at the movies and give you the chance to immerse yourself in the story. 

Set the atmosphere

Lighting can go a long way too. Dim the lights and make it cozy. But keep it comfortable too – after all, you’re investing some serious viewing time, so you’ll want to snuggle up while you watch. 

Choose your show

Whether you’re streaming the latest movies or you’re making the most of your Netflix subscription, there are plenty of shows and films that are coming up in 2023. This is the fun bit: spend time with your family planning out what you’ll watch and make a list so that you can plan in when you’re going to do the watching. 

Whether you’re bingeing your favorite show or you’ve been waiting for a film to arrive on your platform, you can beam it into your new home theater setup. 

Get the snacks

No cinema experience is complete without snacks. Grab the popcorn, chips, and other tasty treats so that you’re settled in and ready to go. 

What are you planning to watch first in your home theater?