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Don’t Be Left Behind and Follow These Data Storytelling Trends To Your Business Now!


Unlike ancient times, data has now become readily available just at the tips of our fingers. Modern consumer and business decision-makers today are no longer easily fooled by promises, and banner advertisements. With the availability of almost all data, people right now are leaning to invest more in a brand’s narrative or story. And this is why data storytelling has become a breakthrough in digital marketing.  This inclination is backed up by a recent study which revealed that by being able to convey their brand story well, companies will have the power to increase the value of a product or service for over 20 times.

To be able to do this, companies should have clear leadership with a vision that is both innovative and intuitive. The two of these are essential traits because customer needs change all the time and their behaviors will also shift, so this means that leaders and their teams should be well aware of the marketplace, and they should also be adaptable and responsive when it comes to their approach to marketing their brand to the consumers.

No matter where the data came from, there is always a host of the medium through which a brand can be able to tell its story. So, this article is going to help you explore how leaders will be able to help in making sure that their teams are going to tell a compelling brand story to engage and influence your customers. 

Different Data Storytelling Trends That Your Business Can Do

With a lot of data that a business should navigate, here are some of the data storytelling trends that you can do to your business:

#1 The Data-driven storytelling

It has been projected that come 2020 next year, there will be one million seven hundred megabytes of data that will be produced by every person on a per second count. With this, there will now be a massive volume of that that is going to be made available. This means that a business can leverage this by creating highly visual, appealing and focused stories that are going to prove to be incredibly potent especially from brands and companies from the year 2018 and beyond. 

The speed that an average human mind is able to process is 60,000 times text, so by being able to manufacture visually stunning stories, brands will then be able to grab the customer’s attention thereby providing detailed solutions to problems and cutting through the rough noise online. 

Data is the essential element in developing good content which ultimately resulting in telling a story that resonates. Although it is not really necessary to just rely on words when telling a story, leaders can always direct their teams in deriving insights from data that can help in telling a unique story as the demand for interactive content is gaining grounds. 

#2 The Mini-ads

Today, traditional advertising is already beleaguered because of the vast digital scene. And because of this, companies are now considering to adopt fresh and innovative ways of how they can connect with their customers and also be able to convey their message as a part of the company’s digital marketing strategy. 

However, people right now are also becoming conscious to the content that an ad contains and they are also becoming to have shorter attention spans when it comes to advertisements This decrease in a consumer’s attention span is what triggered Facebook to launch their six-second ads that allow brands and business to transmit a condensed story to their focus audience. This is what is called the Mini-Ad. 

There are already a lot of social media platforms that are doing this type of advertising as this does not take away their users’ attention because the ad is not too lengthy. 

#3 The Customer-Led Storytelling

Because the world getting smaller and people right now is becoming increasingly interconnected, this will mean that consumers also now have a lot of platforms for them to be able to share their own views and sentiments.

There have been ninety two percent of people who admitted to have more confidence with their peers as compared to trusting a traditional advertisement. This makes the role of the company’s marketing crucial as the company’s brand is also providing customers or the client’s customers with the opportunity of being able to tell a story.

This type of type of storytelling will be able to help in increasing participation, build trust, and to immensely expand your reach. This can be done by your team through introducing a social media takeover day by getting blogger or by inviting significant customers to inscribe guest posts on your own blog. 

#4 The Philanthropic Storytelling

It is also undeniable that today, customers are always desiring for transparency, so they will want to know more about who the company is, how they are conducting their business, how they are treating their employees including what the tenet of their business is. Modern customers also want to know how a company is sourcing their materials and how they are handling their products. Thus, when your business is going to do data storytelling for your brand, it has to be clear, concise, and honest. 

It has been revealed that 75% of marketing leaders are still failing to understand how important it is when it comes to understanding the shifting of customer behaviors which leads to significant impacts on business performance. However, if a company’s marketing leader is able to understand this kind of shift, you will have the opportunity to compose your message accordingly and be able to lead others on the path of brand storytelling enlightenment. By being able to have an understanding of the shift in customer’s behavior this will let you steer your digital marketing campaigns in the right direction.

Thus, it is crucial for marketing leaders to see to it that their teams are engaged with everything that the business is doing ranging from new developments to possible partnerships with charitable organizations. Through researching important company facts and by being informed yourself, you will ultimately be able to prove insights and details that offer transparency during your campaigns. In fact, some of these exciting new developments and ethnical improvements can even become the centerpiece of your organization.