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Downloading Stories On Instagram Via Weinstag.Com


Have you ever wondered if there is some way to download Instagram story images or videos? Well, that is possible with a little help of Weinstag.com. Namely, Instagram even made it impossible to take screenshots of the Instagram story and since there is not an option to save Instagram stories, most of the people turn to the Weinstag.com website.

We will now explain how you can download Instagram stories with the help of Weinstag.com in only five easy steps. Let’s start from the beginning.

1) Spot the Username and copy it from the user’s profile

If you want to download Instagram story on your device, you need to copy the Username of the person that posted that story. However, you need to make sure that the person’s profile is public and not private. If the profile is private, this whole process won’t work.

Anyhow, when you go to the person’s profile, you will see the Username in the middle of the screen right next to the profile picture. Copy it and advance to the next step.

2) Pay a visit to Weinstag.com/instastory website

Our next step is to visit the Weinstag.com/instastrory website in order to continue this whole process of downloading Instagram story to your device. You can just type the name of the website in your web browser, or you can search it via Google or some other search engine.

3) Paste the previously copied username

Now, the important part is to know where to paste the previously copied username. When you visit the website, you will notice a bar that is similar to a search box. That is the place to paste the username. It really isn’t hard to spot it since it will basically be the first thing you will see when you visit the website.

4) Find and press the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ button

After you did all of the above, it is time to hit the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ button and start the whole process of downloading Instagram story to your device. You can find this button right under the place where you pasted the username.

5) Press ‘’Download’’ button to start downloading of the images or videos

The last step is here and it isn’t that hard at all. When you hit ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ button, the website will automatically show you the Instagram story content. When you want to download the image from Instagram story, then hit the ‘’Download’’ button that is located right under the image you want to download.

On the other hand, if you want to get the Instagram story video, then find the ‘’Download’’ button in the bottom right of each video that you want to download.

If you followed our five and easy steps correctly, then you will be able to download Instagram stories on your device without any problems. However, we must mention that none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the Weinstag.com website that helped us in this whole process.