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How Can You Set Up And Test Your Own Automated Trading System For Crypto?


Technology continues to play a massive role in all our lives and is something we rely on more than ever. While obvious examples like the internet, Cloud-computing, smartphones, and social media sites all spring to mind, tech has also transformed the investment sector. 

This has seen online broker platforms making trading simpler than ever, and digital cryptocurrencies emerge as a popular asset in which to invest. Tech in investment has also seen cutting-edge automated trading systems become popular – but what are they, how do you set one up, and how do you test it? 

What is an automated trading system for crypto? 

As shown at AskTraders, automated crypto trading involves using next-gen AI platforms/tech to automate the trading process. Instead of manually having to keep up with the latest crypto market moves or constantly monitoring your computer for trading opportunities, automated AI trading systems do it for you. That saves you a ton of time and work and makes trading crypto a lot less stressful. 

How can you set up your own automated crypto trading system? 

If you are moving into trading this asset and fancy using automated trading systems to lighten the load, the first step is to set one up. But how do you do this? 

The easiest and most popular place to begin is using an automated AI trading platform. Examples like Endor and Signal are options that many traders use as they contain all the tools you need for AI-backed auto trading. 

Once you have signed up with a platform like this, you can access their insightful market updates and delve deeper into the options they offer for automated trading. If you use auto systems that have the option to place trades or close them on your behalf, remember to tweak the parameters to suit your preferences.

How can you test your automated crypto trading system? 

Once you have an automated trading system for crypto in place, it is wise to test it. This will ensure decent results and help you feel confident in using it. But what is the best way to do this? 

An excellent way to start is paper trading with this automated software. It involves making a note of the insights, data, and market opportunities it flags up – but without actually putting on a trade. You would then simply monitor what the system had flagged up to see if it would have turned into a winning trade. Another way to test it out is by investing low amounts on small-sized orders to begin with. This will allow you to test if the system works without risking lots of money. 

Automated trading for crypto is the next innovation 

Just as the latest advancements in wearable sports tech have caught the eye lately, many think automated cryptocurrency trading systems will take off soon. When you see the ease they bring to trading this asset, and the time they save, it is not hard to imagine.