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How To Make The Most Of Your OTT Subscriptions.


OTT platforms have changed the way, people consume entertainment. It has not only democratized audience choice but has also enhanced the overall video streaming experience. Thanks to technology, that has revolutionized the entertainment industry and gives the audiences the gateway to watch international content from anywhere in the world.

The biggest international player in this league is Netflix, the journey started from House of Cards and followed up with Grey’s Anatomy, Orange Is the New Black and many others. Today Netflix is present in 40 countries, it has more than 151 million subscribers and this number is increasing by the minute. The other emerging player in this category is Amazon Prime that is slowly catching up the market and giving Netflix a healthy competition.

With so much content and money put on the OTT platform, audiences need to know how they can leverage most of their monthly subscriptions. The amount of binge-able content is increasing by the day and it’s easy to miss out on the best shows and movies, so keep some chips and popcorn ready and let’s look at some tips that can help you get the most of your viewing experience. However, you can visit platforms like Cucirca for unlimited access to movies and tv shows you like.

Refer The Latest Section

Most OTT platforms have the ‘Latest tab’, where they display all the newly acquired content. Additionally, you can select your watchlist and put them in a separate tab for future reference.

Filter Your Content With Keywords

What’s your mood today. If you want to laugh out loud, just search for comedy; similarly, you can search for drama, motivation, action or horror. These searches will help you select the content of your choice and add on to your mood.

Share Your Watchlist

Just like you, many others may be struggling to find the right content on Netflix or other OTT platforms, so you can start a thread on social media where people can recommend what to watch. Apart from this, you can directly share the teaser of a show you recently watched from the OTT platform to WhatsApp.

Look For Ratings And Thumbs Up

Look out for content that gained favorable audience feedback. Most OTT platforms have an option of rating the content with stars or a Thumb Up. That is your clue, play that content and don’t forget to rate it after you have finished watching it.

Watch The Best With Subtitles

There is a lot of good content being produced in the regional language, however, the good news is that you can change the setting and turn on the subtitle option on Netflix and other platforms. With this, you will be able to access the best of world-wide content in any language.

Connect to Express VPN

You must be wondering, what is Express VPN?

Well, it acts as a substitute or a proxy, that allows users to browse the web anonymously, from anywhere and everywhere.

According to techshielder, ExpressVPN works on Netflixand other OTT apps in HD quality. So, if you want to enhance your viewing experience and get access to all the content that is available online, then this is the best and most secure option.

Request For Shows And Movies

If you have subscribed to Netflix but the content you wish to watch isn’t on Netflix, then you can enter your suggestion in the comment section and request for the show or movie.


With these easy tips, you can binge-watch the best of OTT content and make the most of your monthly subscriptions.