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How You Can Game Without Buying a Home Console


Gaming is big, bigger now than it’s ever been. Technological advances have helped to push it into the same realm of impact as music and movies, working on a similar economic level to both. With all of this hype and attention behind the medium, it’s practically impossible to ignore it. The only question is whether you’re someone who’s in on the hype, or whether you’re on the outside looking in.

While there’s nothing wrong with not being interested in gaming, you might find that you want to sample it without needing to sink in the same kind of investment by buying a home console or gaming PC. Fortunately for you, there are multiple ways around this and you might be able to quite easily find a solution that’s convenient and accessible.

Gaming on Your Smartphone

Most people carry around a smartphone on them of some description, and luckily the technology has been around for long enough that you don’t need the best of the best to be able to play games like Corruption of champions on them. Mobile gaming offers a unique experience, often seen as entirely separate from that of what you’d find on consoles. While they are similar in the sense that you have multiple genres and formats that different people would enjoy, the form and scope of these games are different, often meaning that mobile gaming is meant to be digested and enjoyed in shorter bursts that you can fit more easily into your day-to-day life.

If this sounds interesting to you, you might want to know where you should begin. That’s a question that can really only be answered by your own interests and what you look for in a pastime, but it might help to look at some of your prior hobbies and see if they can be applied here. For example, if you’re somebody who enjoys watching and getting involved with football, you might want to take your engagement a step further, by betting on football games as and when you feel like it. This can potentially add a whole other level to your enjoyment of the game, due to an added sense of personal involvement.

Cloud Gaming

Maybe you feel as though you want the kind of experience that console gaming can offer, but without the obligation to buy a console and properly commit to it. It can be expensive after all, and if you don’t feel as though you enjoy it as much as you thought you would, it can feel like a waste. In this case, you might be able to use your old reliable laptop to get what you crave, through cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming services are a relatively new entry in the market and aim to offer potential players the opportunity to access games without needing the hardware to typically do so. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, it’s worth doing some research to see if it ticks all of the boxes for you, though it’s worth considering that internet strength can be a pretty major factor in how effective the experience could be.