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Is MangaStream Down? 21 Best Alternatives To Read Manga Online


MangaStream was the home for all otakus (animé fans). It had all the collections of manga/comics and animé. Everything from the pirate adventures of Luffy in One Piece to the brilliant mind of L and Yagami in Death Note was available on this website.

But sadly, it all disappeared with the disappearance of the Manga Stream website. It may sound heartbreaking, but hey, remember Kenshin Himura said whatever you lose, you’ll find it again.

And he wasn’t lying. There are numerous mangastream alternatives that are just like it, or even better. Find them out yourself by further reading this article about the 21 best alternatives of the manga stream.

Top Alternatives of Mangastream in 2022

1. MangaFox 

So what Mangastream is gone? We still have MangaFox, one of the most popular and best manga reading websites. You can also download its application.

This website has a very straightforward interface that makes reading much more comfortable. There are various fakes and alternatives to this website because of its popularity.

Those are good options too, but MangaFox is superior to them with a wide range of impressive collections. You can also keep track of what you have completed reading and what you are now reading.

You also get notified with updates in case you are reading something on-going. You can also categorize your interests based on different genres, such as psychological, thriller, investigation, One shot, school life, drama, mystery, fantasy, and so on.

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2. MangaOwl

MangaOwl will perhaps turn you into a night owl through its exciting collection of various mangas. It is a free platform to read unlimited mangas and serves as a proper MangaStream replacement. It also displays ratings that provide a bit of an insight into the work.

Using this website is extremely easy, and the number of ads is also minimal. You get the search bar on the top of the home page and the trending lists in the rest of the page.

This website will definitely help you in exploring some new and fresh series with fantastic plots and twists. You must give this site a try at least once.

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3. MangaHere 

The name of this website is in itself advertising that all the fresh and classy mangas are available here to read and that too for free.

Everything on MangaHere is available in the language English only. You can also download its application or use the PC version for your desktop.

The range is so extensive that one thing is guaranteed and that is entertainment. You will never be bored with the variety this website offers. From horror to romance, you can always switch in any genre according to your desire.

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4. Manganelo

It is, by far, one of the classiest looking websites. The navigations are extremely simple, and the interface resembles any paid website even though this website is free to use.

You can find any Manga you want to read on this Manganelo easily. It displays the search bar on the top while the trendings show up on the main screen. This website also displays the time span of when the manga was updated, or a new chapter was added.

It also displays ratings given by the readers. Everything from Rooftop Sword Master to Dragon Ball Super is available on this website.

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5. MangaDex

MangaDex is another top class website for reading manga without spending a single penny. The best and most unique thing about this website is that it allows its users to switch between languages.

Those languages not only include Japanese and English but many other different languages such as Hindi, Cantonese, French, and so on.

It also displays the time when the manga was uploaded, or a new chapter was added to it. You can also follow the manga to get notified of updates. This website is definitely worth a shot.

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6. MangaTown  

MangaTown is literally the town for all the Mangas and Manga genres that ever existed. It has every manga like Haikyu, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, and so on.

Ads do show up but not to an extent where it starts disturbing. This website provides a detailed description and ratings of the mangas that help build insights and make a quick decision to choose the next one.

Navigating this website is somewhat easy. It displays a plus sign in the corner through which you can have options like this search bar, login, history, home, list, and completed.

You can keep track of what you have read or are reading, future interests in mangas and so on by login with this website for free.

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7. MangaFreak 

Are you a huge manga fan? Then you have to catch up with MangaFreak. Everything from the popular to non-popular niche, you will find a diverse variety of manga on this platform.

You can find Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, One Piece, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and any other manga you want to read on this website for free.

The only drawback of this website is its interface that makes navigating it a bit complicated. There are ads everywhere on this website with fewer options and features. But we can’t complain since it is a free ad-supported website.

The collection is impressive, so it is your choice if you want to try it or not.

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8. MangaPark 

Another safe website for reading mangas is MangaPark. The website has huge numbers of different mangas for free readings. Using this website is also pretty simple, with its straightforward and clean interface.

This website displays its Mangas on the basis of the time it was released. However, you can change that through the filter option given on the homepage.

This website is more interesting for someone who likes to explore new things as most of the content on this website is not like the popular famous ones. It is different in a good way, which makes this website even more desirable.

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9. MangaPanda

Another free-to-use alternative of MangaStream on this list is MangaPanda. This website offers a clean, straightforward interface.

The search bar and genre options are available on the top of the page, whereas the popular and trendings are displayed on the bottom part.

The collection is pretty extensive and overwhelming. Mangas such as Naruto, One Piece, JoJo’s bizarre adventure, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Freezing, Attack on Titan, Soul Catchers, Tokyo Ghoul, Deadman Wonderland and so on are all available on this website.

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10. Bookwalker 

At this point, you may start to feel that every good Mangastream alternative starts with the term manga. Thus, we have included Bookwalker, the website where you can read manga in both English and Japanese languages.

This is a global platform and the first choice of many fans. You can find numerous exciting things to read for free. You also get choices of newly added and trendings that make it easier for you to decide.

The downloading option is also available with this website, so you can read the manga offline as well. Overall this website is perfect for reading Mangas.

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11. TenManga 

TenManga is another excellent alternative, especially when it comes to the easy accessibility of the website. It is free to use, so ads are there. However, they are less in numbers and a little close to zero.

The variety of this platform is perfect for loads of entertainment. This website is most suitable for someone who wants to explore new things in terms of manga. From long-length mangas to the one-shots, everything is available here on the TenManga website.

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12. KissManga 

KissManga provides high-quality images along with a high-quality reading style of manga. Using this website is simple with its user-friendly interface.

You can simply scroll down from one page to another when reading a Manga. The loading speed of this website is fast and impressive. There is no issue of irritating and annoying ads, though they do show up sometimes.

In conclusion, it is very unlikely for you to find an issue with this website of reading Mangas for free.

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13. MangaReborn 

One more way to read a Manga easily is through MangaReborn. This website allows its users access to different Mangas with a variety of genre options available.

This website offers its contents in different languages, including English. Popular Manga like Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Doraemon, One-Punch Man, Death Note, Slam Dunk, Akira, Hunter x Hunter and so on are all available on the website.

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14. Comixology 

Comixology is like the library for comic books and various mangas. You can find all kinds of books on this platform. However, this website is a paid one and is in partnership with Amazon.

The interface of this website is highly appreciable, and the same goes for its navigation. You do need to log in on this website for making a purchase.

The only thing wrong with this website is that it is a little slow to load. The loading time can indeed become an issue if you do not have a super-fast WiFi connection or internet access.

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15. Comico

Comico is a common choice among many Manga enthusiasts. The reason why every manga fan likes it is its wide collection with easy access.

All parts of different Mangas are available on this website for free. You can only read the content in Japanese. The number of ads is less, and they don’t hinder your viewing experience.

Overall, there is nothing disappointing with this website, which makes this website a great choice to use.

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16. My Reading Manga 

My reading manga is another working alternative for MangaStream that offers some fierce competition to all the manga reading sites online. It has thousands of users, and the numbers seem to be continually increasing.

Navigating this website is no big deal because of the clean and straightforward interface. The collection this website has will definitely amuse you and make you create interest with this website.

Reading mangas is definitely fun with this website, and chances of getting interrupted by an ad are unlikely. You also do not need to register or login for using this safe to use the website.

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17. AnimeNova

The chances are that you have already heard of this website since it is a very popular name in terms of manga reading websites.

The specialty of AnimeNova is that you can not only read mangas, but you can also watch anime with subtitles on this website for free.

This website has ads but not much, making it a reliable source for continuous sessions of entertainment and binge watching as well.

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18. MangaEden 

MangaEden is a rising name in the world of reading mangas online and is slowly gaining popularity with an increase in the number of users.

This website is ad-supported, so they do show up at times. You will not face any difficulties using this website as the navigations are pretty simple with a straightforward interface.

The only thing that can be a cause of disturbance with this website is that sometimes the ads take up the whole screen and play for a few seconds. Other than that, this website is great in every field.

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19. MangaReader 

Another popular website to read manga in MangaReader. This website is free to use and requires no kind of registration or login.

You may not find this website very appealing at first, but this website is quite enjoyable once you start to take interest and explore the content available on it.

You may not find every manga you desire on this platform, but you will always find something very interesting and entertaining.

This website has faced some issues in the past but is now working completely fine. You can definitely try this website out if you want, and the chances are that you won’t be disappointed.

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20. Mangago

Mangago is a good option for reading manga online. The range and collection are quite impressive, and the interface of this website makes it even easier to use it.

However, this site has been reported to use or collect data from its users, but no such thing has been proved yet. This website does use cookies in order to function.

In the end, it is your choice if you want to give this website a try or not.

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21. Mangakakalot 

Last but not the least on this list, Mangakakalot is a crazy website for manga fans. You will find a plethora of different options in the various niches on this site.

You can also login or register on this website though it’s not compulsory. However, if you choose to log in and register, you can track what you are reading and have completed.

Ads aren’t an issue with this website. It is a website perfect for reading popular manga and already known or exploring the unknown.

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Final Verdict

You will definitely not have any issues or trouble finding where to read manga online or download it for offline reading. These were all of the important sites for loads of manga entertainment, and that too for free.

Nothing should be holding you back from reading the manga now and serving yourself the most beautiful form of entertainment. So, try them out and decide which site turns out to be the most suitable for you.

There is no doubt that they are all very competitive and exciting websites, but you will probably have to decide and make a choice. However, you are always free to come back to this article and make a switch in Manga websites.


1. What Actually Is MangaStream?

It is an online website that allows users to access several mangas free of cost. Different comic lovers scanned original mangas and uploaded them to the site in different languages. The primary source of the content for the site was its users only.

2. What Services Were Provided By Mangastream?

With MangaStream, comic freaks were able to access tons of comics without giving a single penny. The platform provided scanned copies of the manga. With a stable internet connection, all the users were able to access the content anywhere anytime.

3. Was It Legal To Use Manga Stream?

No, the content which was uploaded on the platform resulted in the violation of the privacy of the original content owners.

It provided scanned copies of the original comics without the consent of the creators.

This was the prime reason behind the shut down of this platform.

4. What Happened To Mangastream?

In very straightforward terms, Manga Stream is gone. The reason was probably because of the illegal ways of publishing manga on the site. However, we don’t know the exact reason as the website suddenly shut down and completely disappeared. And by the looks of it, against all hopes, it probably will not make a return or comeback.

5. Are There Any Alternatives To This Platform?

With MangaStream gone offline, comic lovers are looking for different alternatives. Here in the aforementioned list, we have presented top working alternatives to the platform. Go through them and select any option to read your favorite manga anytime you want.