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Mods for Minecraft 2022 and 2023


This update will allow players to diversify the gameplay by adding many new characters to it.  The authors of Mods for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2022 and 2023 tried to connect the cubic world with a variety of original stories.

Anime characters, popular movies, and TV series, of them will be extremely dangerous. In this case, a modification that contains more than 10 different variants of firearms is suitable.


Based on the popular TV series, the Mods for Minecraft 2022 and 2023 updates will appeal to all users without exception. After all, it adds a lot of new characters who will lead a normal lifestyle.

Users can even make friends with some of them. By the way, players will have a large selection of weapons and equipment from the famous anime at their disposal.

Friday Night Funkin Mod

For all fans of the original Friday Night Funkin game, the authors have created an update of Mods for Minecraft 2022 and 2023.

Among the innovations, players will have the opportunity to make friends with the main characters – Boyfriend and Girlfriend, to fight together with their main rival, a character named Lemon Demon.


The image of Godzilla has become a cult among all fans of fantasy films. Now with the Mods for Minecraft 1.19.21 version, players will have the opportunity to see this monster with their own eyes and even fight with it.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that its size is several times larger than the biggest mob in the cubic world – the Edge Dragon. Therefore, it is better to prepare for the meeting in advance.


These Mods for Minecraft 2022 and 2023 updates will add more than 10 completely unusual creatures to the game world. They all have one thing in common, they are parasites, which means they will look for a victim.

Once they find her, they will feed on her powers until they run out. Then the monster will become even stronger and will go on a quest again.


Every player has thought at least once about what it’s like to be a witch or a zombie, with this mod for Minecraft 2022 and 2023 add-on, everyone will have such an opportunity.

Use a special totem with which you can transform into any mob and get its unique abilities.


With these Mods for Minecraft 2022 and 2023 updates, players will be able to become real Pokemon trainers who will spawn all over the cubic world.

By the way, a lot of items related to the original story will appear in the arsenal of the hero.


To expand the possibilities of settings, as well as to get a large number of different useful functions, this update Mods for Minecraft 2022 and 2023 will help.

Players will be able to simplify the process of exploring the cubic world and will be able to customize the entire gameplay for themselves.


In this Mods for Minecraft 2022 and 2023 expansion, 3 spawn eggs will be available to players, which will add the main characters and items from the original story to the cubic world.

First of all, this is Sonic himself, as well as his sworn enemy Eggman. After defeating him, it will be possible to move around the territory on his spaceship.

 Jojos Bizzare Adventure

The main feature of this Mods for Minecraft 2022 and 2023 add-on, based on the popular manga, is the appearance of so-called stands in the game.

They are items that can endow the player with special energy. With her help, incredible skills will be available to Steve.


For those players who are tired of using the usual bow and crossbow, the authors of Mods for Minecraft 2022 and 2023 have created many variants of firearms.

Now any opponent will be amazed by the power and strength of the unique weapons.


Add anime and manga characters to the cube world. Mods for Minecraft 2022 and 2023 include a wide variety of mobs.

The player can make friends with them and then they will be able to accompany him on his travels and even protect him from enemies.

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